Why Selenium Automation Training Is So Popular?

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Selenium is a famous automated testing tool widely used by testers and developers all across the globe. But the question that arises here is why there are so many automation testing tools available in the market, which aim to offer nearly identical outcomes, then why Selenium alone?

Selenium automation is the most popularly used open source and freeware automation tool. Selenium WebDriver offers support to many browsers including Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It also allows the users to automate browser testing easily across different browsers. Since the inception of Selenium in 2004, it has grown in immense popularity as an automation testing tool. Besides, the high pace of development in Selenium keeps the testers and developers on their toes, needing them to endeavor constantly to improve and keep up their skills. As Selenium is highly efficient and an open-source tool, it is often used by many businesses across the globe of different sizes, making it a vital talent to have.

The main advantages of using Selenium for automation testing are immense. Most importantly, it allows playback and recording for testing web applications, which can run many scripts across different browsers. The main benefits of Selenium test automation hold relevance across different business segments. Let’s have a look at those benefits, which also makes Selenium training in Bangalore highly popular:

  • It is open source: It is already mentioned that the major strength of Selenium is that it is a portable and freeware tool. It doesn’t have any upfront direct costs involved. So, this tool can be downloaded freely and community-based support is also available for free.
  • It offers language support: Selenium offers support to a complete range of languages including Perl, Java, C#, Python, Groovy, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. Selenium has its script, but it is not limited by the language. The best thing about Selenium is that it successfully works with different languages- whatever the testers/developers are most comfortable with.
  • It offers support to different operating systems: Selenium supports and operates across many Operating Systems like Mac, Windows, UNIX, and Linux. With the suite of solutions of Selenium, it is possible to create a customized testing suite over any platform and then they can be executed on another one. For instance, Selenium allows you to create test cases by using Windows OS and then run it easily on Linux-based systems.
  • It offers support across different browsers: Selenium supports multiple browsers namely Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. It is highly resourceful when it comes to performing tests simultaneously across different browsers.
  • It offers support to different frameworks and programming languages: Selenium can integrate with different frameworks and programming languages. For example, Selenium integrates with Maven or ANT type of framework for compiling source code. Besides, it also integrates with the TestNG framework for testing applications and reporting. It also integrates with Hudson or Jenkins for CI or Continuous Integration and it also integrates with other important open source tools for supporting other features.
  • Selenium allows tests across devices: The testers can implement Selenium test automation for mobile web application automation on devices like Blackberry, iPhone, and Android. It also helps to generate important address issues and results constantly.
  • Selenium is known for loaded Selenium suites: Selenium is not only a singular utility or tool, rather it is a complete package of different testing tools and so it is considered a suite. Every tool of Selenium is designed to manage different testing requirements along with different test environment requirements. Besides, Selenium is available with the capabilities for supporting Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, and Selenium RC or Remote Control.
  • Selenium comes with constant updates: Selenium is maintained by a community, and the communities don’t like to sit still, the Selenium community constantly delivers upgrades and updates. The best thing about having the right community is that these changes are easy to grasp and readily available, therefore no special training is needed. This makes Selenium is very cost-effective and resourceful compared to other alternative technologies.
  • Selenium is easy to implement: Selenium is available with a user-friendly interface, which helps to create and perform tests effortlessly and easily. The open-source features of Selenium make it easy for the users to script their extensions, which make it easy to customize actions, develop, and also manipulate at the advanced level. Selenium allows running tests directly across different browsers and the users can easily watch when the tests are being performed. Additionally, the reporting capabilities of Selenium are another thing, which makes people select it. It also allows the testers to take the necessary follow-up actions while extracting the results.
  • Selenium is known for its add-ons and reusability: The test automation framework of Selenium uses scripts, which can directly be tested across many browsers. Simultaneously, Selenium allows the testers to perform multiple tests as it successfully covers almost every aspect of functional testing by executing add-on tools, which can widen the testing scope.  

What you can learn?

Joining the best online Selenium training can help you to have a strong base on the components of Selenium, Selenium IDE, Web Driver 2.0, and the TestNG framework. And the learning you would acquire from this training would prepare you for writing automation test cases for almost any web application.

The trainers of the best automation institute in Bangalore help the participants to understand the main concepts of Selenium and the use of Selenium in the market by using hands-on examples acquired from their personal experiences. As a result, after completing the training, the participants would leave the institute with new attitudes and insights, and they would be happy to apply their knowledge further in the field of test automation.

Here are the main benefits you can have by joining the Selenium automation training program:

  1. You can equip yourself with the best Selenium execution speed
  2. You can stand a chance of earning a handsome salary as the test automation engineer with the best Selenium testing knowledge
  3. The knowledge of Selenium testing tools will help you to raise the career ladder.

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