Selenium Training In Madiwala

Selenium is one of the most popular open-source automation testing tools meant for different web applications. The flexibility and versatility of this tool for using across different platforms, browsers, and languages have made it the widely preferred and most popular tool for both the organizations and individual developers.

And the Selenium training helps the participants to learn the latest version of Selenium webdriver. With both theoretical concepts and live projects, the Selenium course helps people to learn Selenium’s theory and practical.


Reasons for joining Selenium Labs for Selenium training

Joining the Selenium course in Selenium Labs in Madiwala is beneficial for the participants to automate the testing of different web-based applications. The study materials that we offer to the participants at Selenium Labs help them to clarify the understanding and concepts of Selenium and its components.

This mentor-led training program offered by the industry experts also helps the participants to gain complete knowledge of concepts like TestNG, Selenium WebDriver, Locating Techniques, Wait, Sikuli, AutoIT, Mobile Testing with Selenium Grid and Appium, Page Object Design Pattern.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Understanding the automation testing and how Selenium can be used for automation testing.
  • Understanding different components of Selenium, Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, and Webdriver.
  • Understanding how automation testing can change the testing process.
  • Understanding the process of performing functional testing for delivering quality products.
  • Composing test scripts and then parameterizing with different types of data sets.

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Course curriculum

The Selenium training offered by Selenium labs mainly focuses on three major parts. These include:
Selenium with Java

The objective of this Selenium course is to offer the participants an introduction to both Selenium and Java. Besides, by joining this course, the participants can also learn Selenium webdriver, Selenium grid, object-oriented programming, conditional and concatenation operators, understanding XPATH and object identification, testing, Framework, Maven, Apache ANT and XSLT etc.

Selenium with Java

This Selenium course is designed for both developers and functional testers. And the objective of this course is to automate the process of testing with the help of C#

Selenium with PYTHON

This is another Selenium course that Selenium Labs offers. This course is offered in three different sections namely basic, intermediate, and advanced training of Selenium with Python. Here the participants can learn the features of Selenium webdriver, Python, and Pyrest, and they can also learn the development of the framework.