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Selenium With C #

0Selenium with C# Training in Bangalore

Selenium with C# training will enable developers and functional testers how to automate testing by using C#. We will see specific scenarios and how we can test them using C#.


Course Fees: Rs. 18,000   Rs. 14,400/- (20% off till 30th April)

Selenium With C# Course Content

  • Introduction to .net framework
  • OOPS
  • C# basics
  • Namespace, Assemblies
  • Loops-For,while,if else stmts
  • ADO.net
  • Working with Config files
  • Properties
  • Introducing TFS
  • Working with work items
  • TFS basics
  • Introduction to Automation testing
  • Introduction to Selenium Web Driver
  • Page object Model
  • Working with IWebelement
  • Working with TDD-
  • Working with work flows
  • Cultures-Working with multi country applications
  • Test Data: XML and CSV
  • Test Driven Development
  • Working with Test Settings
  • Working with Test Methods
  • Execution with Traits/Mapping of Test cases/work items
  • Working with Findsby/Difference
  • Taking Screenshot
  • Working with Logging reports
  • Execution with multiple browsers
  • Working with File objects
  • Working with Traits
  • Single webdriver
  • Assembly init
  • Q&A

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