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Selenium with C# FAQ's

The framework in Selenium C# prepares highly desirable Selenium automation tools that can be used in different development projects. Besides, the framework helps the business owners to develop acceptance tests by using the business readable specifications that can easily be read by the testers, developers, and business personnel.

NUnit is a unit-testing framework for .Net and >Net supported languages like C# where the complete application is isolated into different modules. Here every module is independently tested to make sure that the objective is met. Besides, this framework also contains different attributes that can be used during unit tests to define test methods, test-fixtures, ignore methods, and expectedexception.

Yes, you can pay the course fees in two installments to make the admission process easier. Apart from that, there are some conventional ways through which you can make the payment.

Yes, you can get a 10-30% discount on the total course cost. You can get more information about this topic by contacting Selenium Labs.

Yes, it is possible to pay the course fees in two installments. Apart from that, there are some conventional payment methods through which the participants can make the payments.

Yes, backup classes are offered to the students in case they miss any lecture due to any genuine reason. We aim to ensure that none misses any lecture topic.

Yes, you can get help from the trainers after completing this course. Selenium Labs also offers placement opportunities after completing this course. But it is important to remember that Selenium Labs doesn’t offer any placement guarantee.