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Selenium with Java FAQ's

Java is one of the languages that are used to write Selenium automation scripts. So, it is necessary to learn Java for Selenium to improve the career prospect in the field of automation testing. But there is no requirement of learning full features of Java. It is important a selected part of this programming language. In other words, it can be said that learning core Java is important for test automation, and advanced Java is not needed.

Selenium supports different types of programming languages. But among all those, the most popular combination is Selenium with Java. This combination is not only used widely, but it is also quite familiar in the industry. But the best thing is that there is no need to learn the full features of Java to start a career in Selenium testing. Core Java is enough for Selenium.

Yes, Selenium is easy to learn. So, if you are planning to start working as an automation tester, it will take two months to learn Selenium. But it is important to be familiar with the concepts of manual testing and the basic concepts of programming languages like Python, Java, PHP etc.

There is no particular time limit in which you will be able to learn Selenium as learning Selenium is not just about grasping Selenese. But it is also necessary to understand CI tools, WebDriver, tools for logging, dependency management, and test management when the application of Selenium is increased. But you can learn Selenium in a shorter period in case you are aware of the basic concepts of the programming languages like Python, Java, PHP etc. and if you are well aware of manual testing details.

Yes, the participants can get 10-30% discounts on the total course value. You can contact with Selenium Labs to get more details about this matter.

Yes, it is possible to pay the course fees in two installments. Apart from that, there are some conventional payment methods through which the participants can make the payments.

Yes, backup classes are offered to the students in case they miss any lecture due to any genuine reason. We aim to ensure that none misses any lecture topic.

Yes, you can get help from the trainers after completing this course. Selenium Labs also offers placement opportunities after completing this course. But it is important to remember that Selenium Labs doesn’t offer any placement guarantee.