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Welcome To Selenium Labs, Best Selenium Training in Bangalore

We offer best automation training and placement in evergreen technologies like Selenium with Java, Selenium with C#, Selenium with python, Mobile Automation / Appium training, Web service & Coded UI training. The organization becomes liable to face any competition in the market due to the technology-based training that we provide. We work to remove the gap between academics and the core professional corporate field.

Our team of professional experts provide best Selenium training in Bangalore who are versatile in solving the various selenium-related query. Selenium Automation Training in Bangalore is offered from these skilled experts in the field of Selenium technology. However, we are also providing Selenium Online Classes & Selenium Corporate training. It is not academic aspects that we deal in, we merge the professional sector with the theoretical knowledge in these training classes. Thus, it is the hard work and diligence of Selenium Labs that has resulted in a faster ROI

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    What You will get from Selenium Labs

    100% Placement Assistance

    We have tie-ups with MNC Companies and other software companies and our every student switch into Automation Testing.

    Highly cost effective Training Fees

    Compare with any other selenium automation training in Bangalore, we are the  affordable and we also provide support to pay in instalments.

    Automation Trainer Experience

    Instructor has 10-20 years of experience in Software Testing, Test Automation & working in MNC company like Oracle & SAP.

    Selenium Course Content

    Basic till Advanced, We cover every topics, compare with others.

    Selenium Automation Live Project

    Get a Real-time project with a Real-time framework, called Page Object Model.


    Project work, Mock Interviews, Mock Exams etc.

    Our Popular Courses

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    COURSE: Automation
    Duration: 60 hours
    Content: Manual Testing + Java + Web services + Selenium + Live Projects

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    Selenium with Java

    10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

    Free Demo Class for selenium with java on every day in our institute.

    Selenium with Python

    10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

    Free Demo Class for selenium with java on every day in our institute.

    selenium with C#

    10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

    Free Demo Class for selenium with java on every day in our institute.

    Appium Training

    10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

    Free Demo Class for selenium with java on every day in our institute.

    JMeter Training

    10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

    Free Demo Class for selenium with java on every day in our institute.

    Coded UI

    10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

    Free Demo Class for selenium with java on every day in our institute.

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    What are the Selenium job opportunities in Bangalore?

    Some of the popular Selenium testing job titles that Selenium WebDriver experts can look for include:
    Quality Engineer
    Automation Test Lead
    QA Engineer
    Selenium Automation Analyst
    Test Engineer
    QTP, Selenium
    Software Engineer
    QC Engineer
    Automation Selenium /API Testers
    Functional Test Planning
    Senior Test Engineer, among others

    Who can take this Selenium Course

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Best Selenium Training in Bangalore Overview

      Created by the industry experts, the selenium training program in Bangalore offered in Selenium Labs aims to develop the fundamentals of Selenium along with its different components like Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver , and Selenium IDE . Besides, this course helps the participants to learn to work with different web elements locating strategies, sequence tests, perform actions on groups and web elements, and generate test reports for the test cases by using TestNG. Another thing that the participants are taught in this Selenium training program is complete knowledge of the most widely used automation frameworks like Keyword-driven framework, Data-driven framework, Behavior-driven development framework, and Hybrid framework. And the participants would work on real-life industry use cases throughout this instructor-led training.

      Training Options:

      At Selenium Labs, the best automation institute in Bangalore, we offer a specially designed blended learning program for the Selenium Certification training, which includes more than 40 hours of instructor-led online training, two industry-based, real-life projects, and hands-on experience with the demo website testing.


      The Selenium training that we offer in Selenium Labs is ideal for test engineers, test managers, quality assurance engineers, test analysts, engineers, and software developers, who want to learn Selenium automation testing. But to join the Selenium training program, you must have prior knowledge of the following technologies and programming languages.

      Selenium Training Benefits for (Fresher & Experienced):

      At present, both fresher and experienced candidates are looking for enrolling in professional Selenium training courses. The main reason for joining this course is to gain the essential skills and good knowledge to excel in their careers. As a result, more and more institutes across India are offering this training to both fresher and experienced participants. We are one of best automation institute them. Here are some of the benefits of joining Selenium training:

      • In the next three years, the automation testing market is going to grow at the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.0%
      • According to, the average salary of a qualified test automation engineer is around $94k per year
      • Selenium offers support to different programming languages and operating systems. This is the thing that makes it the most preferred automation testing tool.

      What is Selenium?

      Selenium is an automation testing tool, which automates web applications and browsers. Besides, this open-source technology also offers a portable software testing framework to all the software testers. Since its inception in 2004, this functional testing tool has come a very long way and now it has become one of the best free automation testing tools available in this industry. Besides, this open-source automation tool also works on all the major browsers while being available on all the major platforms like Linux, Windows, and Macintosh.

      Why selenium?

      Learning Selenium is very advantageous, especially if you are planning to grow your career in the testing industry. So, if you are a web application tester and using manual testing till now, then learning Selenium can dramatically change your career. Here are some of the reasons why learning Selenium is beneficial:

      • It is an open-source free tool and no license is required to use this tool. So, the users can change the codes easily and can tweak the features as per their needs.
      • There are no browser/operating system demands
      • It offers support to multiple programming languages
      • There is an availability of different frameworks
      • It offers easy integration with some other tools
      • It helps in both distributed and parallel testing
      • It offers flexibility while designing test cases
      • There is no dependency on the GUI based system
      • Increased demand for the automation testers

      The benefits of using this framework are:

      • Apart from the advantages offered by Data-driven testing, keyword-driven framework never needs the user to possess scripting knowledge.
      • Here a single keyword can be used around multiple test scripts.
      • The users can reuse the codes by pointing different scripts to the same keywords
      • Here the test scripts work independently under test with basic modifications

      Hybrid test framework: This is the combination of one or two above-mentioned frameworks. And the best part of this framework is that it leverages all the benefits of all the associated frameworks.

      This training course is designed for people who belong in any of the below mentioned categories
      1.Beginners/freshers who want to pursue career in Automation testing.
      2.Manual testers who wish to work in automation testing.
      3.People who have basic knowledge in SELENIUM tool and want to make their working knowledge robust.

      This training program has one and only one prerequsite and that is you should be crazy or eager to learn new tools and programming languages. The main components of this training program are :
      2.SELENIUM Tool
      We Assume that you are very new to the above components of training.We make sure that we teach you from the very basics of the components .However, you MUST practice to become an expert.

      Absolutely. We Assume that you are very new to Programming tools or languages before joining the session. We make sure that we teach you from the very basics of the components included in our training course.However, you MUST practice to become an expert.

      We will provide training on Automation framework so that it would be value add to your current role. You can automate the projects which you are currently working on or demand Automation projects in your organization so that you can improve your skill level and grow in your career & Payscale .

      There is a real crisis in the market for automation professionals. People with good understanding in automation frameworks,scripting etc will be head- hunted by IT Companies.

      We not only teach you all the concepts. We teach you how to implement all the concepts in an Automation framework which is really important in everydays work.
      Different Organization have different techniques of automation framework. After attending this training you will feel at ease to work on any Framework.
      These questions will be answered by us. Also you can see the questions and answers asked by other students. So in short by enrolling in this training program you can reach out to us anytime even after your training is over.

      While covering each topic we will make sure that interview question pertaining to each topic are covered. You will be expertised by the end of the training so that you can easily clear the interviews of the Top Organization

      We are assuming every one has the System at home.

      Sure. Please go to about us page to see the testimonials.

      We will provide you step-by-step instructions to download and install the SELENIUM software.


      This training has a well integrated and navigates through easy to advanced topics seamlessly. This is the primary reason,it makes your concepts rock solid and you would be able to grasp and implement lot many features.


      During class hours , you can freely ask your questions. .These questions will be answered by us.Also you can see the questions and answers asked by other students.So in short by enrolling in this training program you can reach out to us anytime even after your training is over.


      Types of Testing using Selenium:

      There are different types of testing that you can do with Selenium. Some of these are acceptance testing, performance testing, smoke testing, functional testing, test-driven development, regression testing, UI testing, behavior-driven development, sanity testing, and more.

      Limitations of Selenium:

      • Selenium never supports automation testing for desktop applications
      • Selenium needs high skill sets to automate tests effectively
      • One should learn a minimum of one supported programming language to create Selenium WebDriver test scripts
      • As Selenium is open-source software, the user needs to depend on the community forums for resolving the technical issues
      • Selenium doesn’t come with an inbuilt objective repository like QTP/UTF for maintaining elements/objects in centralized locations. But you can overcome this limitation with the help of the Page Object Model.
      • Selenium doesn’t include built-in reporting capability. So, you have to depend on the plug-ins like TestNG and JUnit for the test reports.
      • It takes more time to create a test environment in Selenium compared to other vendor tools.
      • Selenium never offers any test tool integration for test management

      Knowing about Selenium Frameworks, Types, and Benefits: Three types of frameworks are used in Selenium WebDriver for automating manual test cases. These include:

      Data-driven test framework: This testing framework helps the users to segregate the test data and the test script logic from each other. And it allows the users to store test data in the external database like XML files, property files, text files, excel files. ODBC repositories, CSV files etc.

      The benefits of using this framework are:

      • One of the major benefits of this framework is that it significantly reduces the total number of scripts necessary for covering the possible combination of test scenarios. So, a lesser amount of code is necessary for testing the complete set of scenarios.
      • This framework increases maintainability and flexibility.
      • Any change in the test data matrix must not hamper the code of the test script.
      • One can execute a single test scenario by altering the test data values.


      Keyword-driven test framework: This is the extension to the Data-driven testing framework in the sense, which doesn’t only segregate the test data from the scripts, but also keeps a specific set of code belonging to the test script into the external data file. This set of codes is called keywords. These keywords are self-guiding about the actions that need to be performed on the applications. The required keywords are planned and placed in the base code of the framework.