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Seleniumlabs offers automation software consulting services it starts from framework requirement analysis, understanding automation goals,scope and how to apply niche technology in the automation project. Seleniumlabs developed framework and give solution to the testing team. Whether your project demand patent data analysis, or statistical data analysis, or patent application requirement, automation project management or any other custom need, our group consulting team will advise, guide and structure the optimum solution with your budgets and quality parameters considered. Expertise and domain knowledge is essential when it comes to consulting and planning your project and that is precisely what you can expect while working with us.

Since 2012 we have successfully completed 23 major projects.Varous type of technology(Java,Selenium,C#,Coded UI,SOAP UI,Jenkins,Maven,TestNG,Appium,Sonarqube etc) used in the project.
The list of clients are:



  • We capture the job tasks and requirements in job description as this will assist us in knowing the objectives of the search.
  • Starting recruitment with an accurate job analysis and job description insure the recruitment starts off on a proper track for success.
  • This process involves advertising which is common part of the recruitment process often encompassing multiple media, such as newspaper, internet, publications, window advertisement, and graduate recruitment programs at university.
  • Suitability of candidates is normally assessed by evaluating their skill, knowledge and relevant experience. Qualifications are assessed using our most advance recruitment system applications, job applications and one- on one interviews.
  • Our candidate screening methodology is based on matching clients briefing job description and other details, such as the length of service, job title and the period of time spent in the same job.
  • We provide a well planned introduction to the new employees about the culture and the labor law. Effective on boarding is most important contribution for Seleniumlabs staffing to make long term organization success.
  • Proper on boarding can improve productivity and longer employee retention and build shared corporate culture
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