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Selenium Training In JP Nagar

Selenium is a software testing, open-source, portable framework used for different web applications. Being highly popular in the industry, the major software giants across the globe use Selenium. With Selenium, the users are capable of authoring tests even without being aware of any scripting language with a playback/record tool. Selenium also allows the users to have access to the domain-specific language, known as Selenese for writing tests in the programming languages. Tests that are written on this language can run on various web browsers and can also be downloaded without paying any cost.

Why get trained in Selenium from Selenium Labs?

The Selenium training in JP Nagar offered by Selenium Labs gives the participants a scope to interact with the Selenium experts while getting complete guidance on Appium and Selenium modules starting from the basic to the advanced level. This course also includes reliable, highly interactive, and quality learning sessions conducted by the IT gurus. To offer the participants a better learning experience, Selenium Labs have divided the entire course into distinctive sessions and phases. Here every module is followed by the practical experience of lab exercises. Once the course completes, the participants have to develop projects on the concepts of Selenium that they were taught during the course.

Being highly career-oriented, the Selenium online course offered by Selenium Labs can assist the participants in learning both architecture and components of Selenium. So, by joining this course, one can become the master of web application framework, testing automation, JaCoCo, Selenium architecture, and Sikuli and they can also get hands-on-concepts. The job-related aspects of Selenium can easily be integrated with the DevOps of the companies.

Course curriculum:

  1. Selenium with Python
  2. Selenium with C#
  3. Selenium with Java

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