Selenium With C#

Selenium With C#

At Selenium Labs, we allow the students to have a real-time implementation of automation test writing for different web applications with the help of Selenium with the C# training program. So, by joining Selenium with the C# course, you will be able to learn the basic concepts of Selenium and C#, Jenkins, NUnit, frameworks, and grids. Other things that the participants can learn in this course are page object model (pom), data-driven, Specflow, and hybrid. Besides, at Selenium Labs, the participants would get access to different quizzes, and real-time projects that would help them in making the learning process simple yet effective.

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At Selenium Labs, we aim to assist the students in the best way so that they can learn Selenium with C#. This is why we give the students the scope to work on different concurrent projects that focus on different types of real-time use cases. Besides, these projects are completely aligned with the modules mentioned in the course curriculum. This thing, therefore, helps the students to get practical expertise in Selenium and C#.

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Duration of Selenium Training

Course Duration

30 Hours

Course will be 25 hrs to 30 hrs duration with real-time projects and working models.

Assignments Duration

15 Hours

Assignment duration will be 10hrs to 15hrs.

Total Learners

2245 Learners

We have already finished 800+ Batches with 100% course completion record.

Skill Level

Beginner & Advance

We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Advance level.


24 / 7 Support

Our Support team are available 24/7 to clear students needs and doubts.

Course Trainers

At Selenium Labs, we only choose experts to train the participants in Selenium with C# technologies. These professionals have years of experience in automation testing along with practical and theoretical knowledge in Selenium and C#. Besides, they are also familiar with managing various kinds of concurrent projects by using different types of testing tools. These experts also offer great freedom to the students so that they can learn Selenium with C# with complete details and real-time projects. Last but not least, these experts also help the participants to finish their projects with ease as well as to prepare for the possible questions and answers of interviews.


Selenium Labs offers certifications to the students once they complete the theory and practical session of Selenium with C# training successfully. Here the assessments are done based on the performance of the students on the project as well as the result of the online test once the course completes. These certifications give value to the resumes of the participants. And then they can get lucrative job opportunities in renowned companies.


We are known as one of the most reputable Selenium training institutes located in Bangalore. A range of unmatchable services along with the reviews posted by our past and present students have helped us to gain this reputation. As a result, we have gained a 4.6-star rating on Google. So, if you want to know our institute or the training programs offered by us better, you can check the reviews mentioned on our website or the major search engine platforms.

Course Key Points

  • Theory and practical classes on Selenium and C#
  • Training sessions that offer comprehensive and practical knowledge of each topic
  • Course curriculum that is complemented with real-time projects that the students need to practice.
  • We offer the most modern study materials to the students according to the present industry standards
  • Participants can choose to join classes in weekdays or weekends depending on their choices
  • Students can pay for the course in two installments
  • We also offer 24/7 support to our students with the help of a specialist team, who are ready to answer the queries of the students regarding the course.

Important Points

  • We have the instructors in our institute, who are experienced in Selenium and Selenium with C#.
  • Here we offer the students the facility to work on different real-time projects. Apart from that, here we organize mock interviews for the students that help them to be confident.
  • At Selenium Labs, we also offer backup classes for our students to make sure that they don’t miss any class.
  • We also provide our students with technical and resume preparation support once they complete the course.
  • We are always there to clear all the doubts or clarification of the students even when their training ends.

Course Content

    1) C# Introduction

    • Installing Visual Studio
    • Features of C#
    • Why C# for Selenium
    •  First C# Project
    •  First C# program
    •  Concept of Assembly file
    •  Datatypes in C#
    • String class
    • If statements
  • Conditional and concatenation operators
  •  While Loop
  •  For Loops
  •  Practical Examples with loops
  • Usage of loops in Selenium
  •  Single Dimensional Arrays
  •  Two Dimensional arrays
  •  Practical usage of arrays in Selenium
  •  Drawbacks of arrays
  •  What are Functions?
  •  Function Input Parameters
  •  Function Return Types
  •  Exercises / Lab Session
  •  Local Variables
  •  Global Variables
  •  Static and Non-Static Variables
  •  Static and Non-Static Functions
  •  Creating Objects in C#
  • Meaning of static
  •  Why is main method static?
  •  Object and Object References
  •  Call by reference and Value
  •  Constructors
  •  Exercises / Lab Session
  • Concept of Inheritance
  •  Interface
  •  Overloading and Overriding Functions
  •  Example on inheritance
  •  Object Class
  •  Usage of Inheritance in Selenium
  •  Exercises / Lab Session
  • Relevance of Namespaces
  •  Creating Namespace
  •  Accessing Classes Across Namespaces
  •  Good Features of Visual Studio
  •  Accessing modifiers – Public, Private, Default, Protected
  •  Exception handling with try catch block
  •  Importance of exception handling
  •  Application Exception and System Exception
  •  Exception Class
  •  Final and Finally
  •  Throw and Throws
  •  Different Types of Exceptions
  • Read Only Collection Class
  •  List and Dictionary Class
  •  Using List and Dictionary of Collection API in Selenium framework
  •  Reflection API usage and importance
  •  Using Reflection API to make keyword driven Selenium framework
  •  Reading/Writing Text Files
  •  Reading Configuration File in C#
  •  Concept of Assembly file
  •  Reading/Writing Microsoft XLS Files
  •  Reading data from XML files using C#
  •  Exercises / Lab Session
  • Why Nunit
  •  Installing Nunit
  •  Nunit annotations
  •  Running a test in Nunit
  •  Parallel execution
  •  Skipping tests
  •  Parameterizing tests
  • Assertions
  •  Extent Reports
  • Why WebDriver?
  •  Downloading WebDriver dlls and configuring in visual studio
  •  Architecture of selenium webdriver
  •  WebDriver Interface in Selenium 3.0
  •  Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome, etc.
  •  Usage of webdriver interface
  •  First Selenium Code
  •  Working with chrome and IE
  •  WebDriver Desired Capabilities Class
  •  Proxy settings with webdriver/Working with proxy Servers
  • Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
  •  HTML language tags and attributes
  •  Various locator strategies
  •  WebElement Interface
  •  Identifying Web Elements using id, name, class
  •  Finding Xpaths to identify
  •  Implicit Wait
  •  Absolute and partial Xpaths
  •  Creating customised Xpaths without firepath
  •  Css Selectors
  •  Generating own Css Selectors
  •  Performance of Css Selectors as compared to Xpaths
  •  What is class attribute?
  •  Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page
  •  Working with different browsers without changing code
  •  Exercises / Lab Session
  •  Managing Input fields, Buttons
  •  Managing/Identifying Links with xpaths/css selectors
  •  Get Attribute Function
  •  Concept of list
  •  Extracting More than one object from a page
  •  Extracting all links of a page/Bulk extraction of objects
  • Extracting limited Objects from a web page
  •  Extracting Objects from a specific area of a web page
  •  Finding whether object is present on page or not
  •  Hidden components – isDisplayed function
  •  Clicking and checking links
  •  When you don’t have common xpath
  •  Method 1-Find the box
  •  Method 2-Pattern in xpaths
  • Handling drop down list
  •  Select Class in Selenium API
  •  Managing radio buttons and Checkboxes
  •  Explicit wait
  •  Alert management
  •  Taking Screenshots of the web pages
  •  Exercises / Lab Session
  • Popup Handling
  •  Managing different Windows
  •  Close and Quit -Difference
  •  Concept of WebTables
  •  Dynamic WebTable Handling
  •  Extracting Data From WebTable
  •  Webtables and CSS Selectors
  •  Building custom functions for Webtables
  •  GetRowWithCellData function
  • Mouse movement with Selenium – Actions class
  • Randomly clicking/selecting Objects – Randomising
  •  Dragging dropping by offset
  •  Attaching files with Selenium / Usage of AutoIT
  •  Changing your Facebook profile picture by attaching new picture
  •  Handling Ajax Auto suggests
  •  Handling Frames in Web Page
  •  Managing JavaScript alerts
  •  Exercises / Lab Session
  • Yahoo exercises – When xpaths change
  •  Automate Login process and read data from xls file
  •  CrikInfo
  •  Americangolf

Selenium with C# FAQ's

The framework in Selenium C# prepares highly desirable Selenium automation tools that can be used in different development projects. Besides, the framework helps the business owners to develop acceptance tests by using the business readable specifications that can easily be read by the testers, developers, and business personnel.

NUnit is a unit-testing framework for .Net and >Net supported languages like C# where the complete application is isolated into different modules. Here every module is independently tested to make sure that the objective is met. Besides, this framework also contains different attributes that can be used during unit tests to define test methods, test-fixtures, ignore methods, and expectedexception.

Yes, you can pay the course fees in two installments to make the admission process easier. Apart from that, there are some conventional ways through which you can make the payment.

Yes, you can get a 10-30% discount on the total course cost. You can get more information about this topic by contacting Selenium Labs.

Yes, you can get back up classes if you miss any of the classes due to any genuine reason. At Selenium Labs, we always ensure that the students don’t miss any lectures.

Yes, you will get help from the trainers of Selenium Labs regarding the placement process after completing the course. But Selenium Labs doesn’t offer any placement guarantee.

Every trainer of this institute is an industry expert with +15 years of experience in automation testing with Selenium Webdriver. Moreover, the trainers of our institute are experts in working on real-time projects.

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