Why Engineers and Software Developers Should Get Certified in Selenium

In this present age websites area handling incomprehensible amounts of mission-critical traffic, atomic number 34 is priceless as a result of it automates testing to seek out errors before they cause disasters, leading to professionals trained in Selenium being highly sought after.

So what is Selenium?

Selenium is a software-testing platform for web applications.

It tests the practicality and graphical program (GUI) of internet sites, mistreatment associate automation script that instructs the browser to perform actions that net or app users would usually do.

Selenium offers a really economical method of generating take a look at scripts and mistreatment them in an automatic framework.

Since its development by Jason Huggins in 2004, atomic number 34 has undergone an amazing evolution throughout the years, with numerous elements another on the thanks to improve its potency.

There are four components of Selenium: Selenium RC (Remote Control) also known as Selenium 1, Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver.

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Benefits of Selenium

There are many automation tools deliver similar results to Selenium, but Selenium offers a number of advantages that make it the best software-testing suite.

These advantages include: 

  1. It’s relatively easy to get started with Selenium and perform simple functional testing of web applications.
  2. Selenium is open source, meaning the source code can be freely downloaded and modified, and it’s supported by a large community of developers.
  3. Selenium tests can be run across different browsers.
  4. Selenium supports multiple operating systems including Mac OS, Windows, and others.
  5. Although it has its own scripting language, you are free to use language bindings to support any language that you are comfortable with, including JavaScript, Python, PHP, and C#. 
  6. Selenium is supported on mobiles and can be used for iPhone or Android-based application testing.
  7. There is minimal CPU or RAM consumption when executing scripts when testing.
  8. Selenium is easily integrated with other open source tools for additional functionality. 
  9. Selenium can execute tests in parallel.  
  10. Selenium can execute tests while the browser is minimised.
  11. Selenium is highly extensible.
  12. Finally, it is highly flexible. There are several ways of adding functionality to both Selenium’s framework and Selenium’s test scripts to customise your test automation. 

Where and When Is Selenium Used?

With such a lot of computer code and mobile apps frequently launched and upgraded, developers should build computer code quickly nonetheless while not compromising on quality.

In an era of extremely responsive and interactive computer code processes, international enterprises area unit challenged to incessantly improve performance and quickly resolve vital problems.

This is why they adopted agile methodologies in their computer code development.

The cornerstone of agile development is test automation.

As a free, open supply testing tool with a large reach and  huge capabilities,  atomic number 34 is that the most well-liked automation testing tool.

Selenium may be accustomed perform repetitive useful testing, running  computer code applications against business necessities to create  certain  that everyone options area unit functioning as they ought to.

By exploitation atomic number 34, organisations cut back their want for manual testing that successively reduces value, saves time, ensures that tests area unit performed systematically, and ensures faster feedback.

Instances of Selenium testing include:
1. GUI testing
2. Core functional testing
3. Cross-browser testing
4. E2E testing
5. Sanity testing
6. Business process testing
7. Regression testing
8. DB testing
9. Usability testing

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Quality assurance professionals use atomic number 34 to perform regression tests or cross-browser testing on all platforms.

This covers all types of acceptance testing and functional testing. Developers use Selenium for browser regression testing. Even business analysts and functional testers use Selenium.

Why You Should Be Certified in Selenium?

Now that you’ve seen however wide used it’s and the way  several  uses  it’s,  you’ll be able to most likely see that a career involving  element  skills could be a wise selection.

If you’re already a tester, you’ll be able to see the writing on the wall for manual testing, and you recognize you would like coaching in machine-controlled testing.

If you’re not a tester nevertheless, you’ll be able to see the potential for learning these skills.

Selenium took the testing world by storm and has since become a dominant force, making a robust demand for qualified professionals that have created element testing a moneymaking talent.

In job postings, element is listed as employment demand 3 times a lot of typically that of comparable automation tools like QTP.

And these jobs pay well as a result of those who area unit qualified to fill them area unit briefly offer.

The common earnings for an element tester within the U.S.

Ranges from $67,073 per year for a quality assurance analyst to $94,634 per year for an automation engineer.
However, to get one of these jobs requires skills and training.

Proficiency in element means that you’ve got  a  galore  quantity  of  cryptography data, skills, and skill.

The best thanks to gain this proficiency is thru correct coaching and certification.

If you think that you don’t have time to induce this type of education, go over.

Online element courses tutored by tough professional’s area unit  obtainable, and you can fit them into your busy schedule while you keep your day job.

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And once you’re done, you’ve got your element certification, obtaining you started on a brand new career or taking your existing career to succeeding level, in quality assurance or automation engineering.


Selenium could be a numerous and necessary testing tool employed in enterprises round the globe.

The demand for atomic number 34 certified professionals  can  solely  increase over time.

If you want to launch or advance a career in IT, training in Selenium could be the place to start if you want to launch or advance a career in IT.

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