When and Why use Automation Testing

Software testing can be a time-consuming and monotonous job. But testing is as important as any other steps in the software development pipeline. So, we employ some tools or software products to automate the process so that the job becomes interesting and avoid human error which is very likely to occur while performing this kind of repetitive and monotonous task.

Why Use Automation Software Testing
Why Use Automation Testing

When to consider Automated Testing?

You can make almost every software testing automated, but for the small projects, it is not so efficient at all. Automation testing is better utilised for large projects, where one has to do the testing on a large scale and the same test requirements and the Automated scripts get to run repeatedly.

But guess what?

Most of the software company you work with has to perform testing on a large scale and has lots of scope for Automated Testing.

Why use Automation Testing?

Well, there are so many reasons to make the testing process Automated, here are the most important ones~

Saves Time and effort:

While developing a new software, it needs testing on many different configurations to ensure the quality of the software product. For every change in the source code, the same tests have to be carried out repeatedly. If done manually it consumes lots of time and effort, and eventually, takes lots of money. In the case of Automated testing the initial effort is more and little more money than manual testing has to be spent at the beginning, but after that, it starts running smoothly and costs almost nothing whatsoever. And once the initial set up is done the whole process is much faster than manual testing, that means it saves lots of time in the long run.

Avoids Human Error:

Human is prone to make mistakes, and when it comes to performing the same repetitive tasks such as software testing, mistakes are obvious. Which can be avoided simply by automating such processes. While performing manual testings people do mistakes due to the changes of test methodology each and every time. In the case of Automated Testing, once we have set the Automated scripts, the same scripts get repeated every time when there is a change in the source code. And there can be no error if the initial scripts are written correctly.

Practical to the complex test scenarios:

Automated software testing is very much practical to consider in very large and complex test scenarios. The process works on tonnes of different complex test cases at very less time, which is not possible with manual testing. Testing huge software scares the manual testers as the process is tedious and time-consuming, so they can not afford to test a software several times on different configurations. This problem is easily solved by Automating the testing process.

Motivates the testers to innovate:

In manual testing testers do not get any new tools or techniques, they have to follow the same age-old process again and again. That monotony makes them lose motivation, that eventually affects their efficiency as well. But in Automation testing they get to use many different tools and techniques, they always have the scope for something new to try, there is a scope for trying new scripts and analyse the results. That motivates the tester and encourages them to innovate more.

In today’s competitive IT industry, it is a challenge for every company to keep improving the quality of their software products continuously and at the same time to increase the efficiency of the software development process. Automated testing plays a vital role there. But it is very important to choose proper tools, proper techniques and has good skills and up to date knowledge specific to all your requirements. We, here in Selenium Labs, have highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers to guide you in recognising your requirements and choosing the proper course and learning Automation Testing according to your need.

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