What is selenium automation? Get Started with Selenium Automation

What is selenium automation?

In simple terms, testing is defined as checking or measuring the quality, reliability, or performance of a product before making it available for normal use. For example, most of the products ranging from a small pin to spacecraft are tested before they are made available. 

Today, we are in this world where we are dependent on technology dominated by software powered machines and applications. We expect them to work as we want every time and everywhere. Are we sure will they work? The answer lies in Software Testing.

In the world of highly interactive and competitive softwares where many organizations are using some form of Agile methodology, test automation is frequently becoming a requirement for software projects.

Selenium,open source tool used for automation testing carried out on web browsers (Web applications are tested using any web browser).

As Selenium is open-source, there is no licensing cost involved, which makes it unique over other testing tools. 

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what is selenium automation framework?

 Code structure of framework of Selenium makes code maintenance easy. Without selenium automation frameworks, the “code” will be placed as well as “data” in the same place which is neither re-usable nor readable. Using Frameworks, produce beneficial outcomes like increased code re-usage, higher portability, reduced script maintenance cost, higher code readability, etc.

Basically there are three types of frameworks created by Selenium WebDriver to automate manual test cases:

  • Data-Driven Test Framework
  • Keyword Driven Test Framework
  • Hybrid Test Framework

Data-Driven Test Framework

In the data-driven framework, all of our test data is generated from some external files like Excel, CSV, XML or some database table.

In order to read or write an Excel, Apache provides a very famous library POI, capable enough to read and write both XLS and XLSX file format of Excel.

Data Driven Framework with Apache POI — Excel

We need a way to open the Excel sheet and read data from it within our Selenium test script. For this purpose, use the Apache POI library, which allows you to read, create and edit Microsoft Office-documents using Java.

Keyword Driven Test Framework

In the keyword-driven test framework, all the operations and instructions are Keyword Driven Framework is a type of Functional Automation Testing Framework which is also known as Table-Driven testing or Action Word based testing. The basic & first working of the Keyword Driven Framework is to divide the Test Case into four different parts. First is called as Test Step, second is Object of Test Step, third is Action on Test Object and fourth is Data for Test Object.

Hybrid Test Framework

In the concept of Hybrid Test framework we are using the advantage of both Keyword and Data-driven framework.

In keywords, we will use Excel files to maintain test cases, and for test data, we can use data, provider of TestNG framework.

In case of hybrid framework, we just need to replace file with Hybrid Execute Test. java file no need to change anything in Keyword driven framework.

This Hybrid Execute Test file is having all the code for keyword driven with data provider concept.

So, we can create three types of test framework using Selenium WebDriver. These are Data Driven, Keyword Driven, and Hybrid test framework. We can achieve Data-driven framework using TestNG’s data provider. In Keyword driven framework, keywords are written in some external files like excel file and java code will call this file and execute test cases. The hybrid framework is a mix of keyword driven and data driven framework.

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Which language is the best for selenium?

Selenium WebDriver is superior to other web automation tools as it provides the users for writing wide range of language and framework options writing test scripts include Java, Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, Perl and PHP.

It’s always good to have options and choices but sometimes making a choice from a long list of available options becomes a difficult thing to do. There are number of decisive factors that help us in making an appropriate scripting language choice while starting a new WebDriver automation project. 

The answer to this question is less straightforward. Some factors have to be considered:

  • The current language being used by an enterprise for development: If an organization has everyone using Python, then that should be the ideal language to use.
    • Introducing a new language isn’t easy. Using the most convenient language that QA testers are already comfortable with, is the utmost choice. It becomes harder to operate Selenium using a new language.
  • Local support for the programming language should also be considered.The language through which local developers are experienced with a particular language, then that language is a better choice for QA teams. When testers need help with the language, defects, or development tools, it becomes easier to make use of the already available in-house expertise.
  • For individuals who haven’t programmed before, using script-friendly languages like Python, Ruby etc. could be the best way to go.The learning curve becomes easy, and also allow Selenium tests to be written quickly and with less code.
  • Java is the most commonly used language, but its scripts can be complex because of the relatively complicated syntax.

How do I start selenium automation?

The Seven Basic Steps of Selenium Tests

  1. Create a WebDriver instance.
  2. Navigate to a Web page.
  3. Locate an HTML element on the Web page.
  4. Perform an action on an HTML element.
  5. Anticipate the browser response to the action.
  6. Execute tests and record test results using a test framework.
  7. Conclude the test.

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Is selenium testing is good?

Over the past 10 years automation testing has gone through multiple facets of change. tIn these days Selenium is the best software automation testing tool available for software testers .

Selenium has become flexible and expandable providing a result-driven approach. The job opportunities in selenium testing is bright and will be available at all times for skilled and training professionals.

The testing automation developers converts the written test cases into automation scripts.Adequate programming knowledge in languages like C, Perl, C#, and Java is required. With the introduction of model-based testing, testers are expected to have excellent business opportunities.

The test automation is exponentially changing and trending, and selenium is making way for more functional testing at the initial development stages. While working as test automation analyst, obstructions would occur in forms of exceptions, framework code errors, failures, etc.In addition to this, the web is undergoing continuous changes to create and maintain the needs of automated testing.

Scope of Selenium in Automation testing 

Selenium automation testing is leading in the marketplace as of now, as far as automation testing is concerned. Being Open source software, people who are interested in Selenium can learn in a better way to find their place in leading organizations. Selenium is having wider scope and and supports Linux, Windows, and OSX. There are various types of selenium courses available in a professional manner to learn more clearly about Selenium web driver scripts and its frameworks. The future is with qualified test automation engineers. They need to learn and advance their skills & more concepts and artificial intelligence as apart of programming tools and languages.

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