Top 5 Tips To Test Automation With Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is designed to automate the web browser interaction process and it is also used primarily to write scripts for the actions that the users might take on the websites. And these testing tools test the functionality of the websites much faster than one could by hand. Selenium also allows creating true, stable and reliable UI automation process in case it is used to the full capacity.

Here is how to test automation with Selenium WebDriver.

  1. Use the right locators: The main job of Selenium framework is to interact with the browsers while allowing the users to type, check, and navigate different objects with DOM or Document Object Model.
  2. Follow data-driven testing: Selenium allows both the QA team and the developers to modify. And therefore Selenium can easily be used for browser compatibility testing and functional testing. So, Selenium can be the perfect option in case you want to use the same code or same test for various outputs.
  3. Select the order of selector:  It is necessary to choose the selector order as selectors like CSS and XPath depends on location. These are slow in comparison with Name, ID, and Link Text.
  4. Never depend on any particular driver: Never rely on any specific driver implementation. It is necessary to know that the drivers are not immediate in different browsers. Take the help of Parameter notes to deal with multiple browser types and prepare for simultaneous execution.
  5. Use PageObject: PageObject is known as the best design pattern in the field of test automation that enhances test maintenance while reducing duplication in the codes.

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