Tips To Work From Home Successfully During Lock Down

Tips To Work From Home Successfully During Lock Down

Work, rest, and play-all things are under a single roof! Now, this is the reality for millions of people across the globe, who have to work from home due to this lockdown rules. But working from home can put a great strain on one’s psyche as people follow a specific routine while working in an office. As a result, it becomes hard for people to concentrate during the days. And being tied to the desk also makes one restless and anxious. So, working from home helps one to maintain the right work-life balance, especially the following tips are followed.

  1. Maintain diversified interest: These days, it is quite expected that a good tester should be aware of documentation, development lifecycle, programming, testing methods, automation, analysis, and knowledge across diverse domains. But it is not possible to learn something while you are busy with something else. But maintaining diversified interests can offer you the scope to check the bigger picture while understanding the differences and similarities easily. For instance, you can explore Linux and learn how it works, you can opt for an automation testing course like selenium training online while working as a manual tester, or you can check the details of mobile application testing while working as a web application developer.
  2. Read different books: Read different books to spend your free time. Books on every subject will be a great treasure for you. There is no need to read books related to your profession.
  3. Play games: There are different types of free games on the web that you can download and play on your device during the free time. Games are effective in making your mind alert and sharp. And you can solve different issues in your work life with a sharp mind.
  4. Take breaks middle of works: People often tend to get used to things. So, it is better not to focus constantly on the same things. Take breaks, observe the surroundings, talk to your friends or family members, and therefore resume your work again. And it will make a great difference.
  5. Take notes: Jot down a minimum of five points of the things that you have learned and the things that you have found while working, or the ideas that you have implemented during the job. This would be a great treasure while you will revisit things later.
  6. Learn to manage things: It is possible to achieve success by managing things properly. So, learn and observe from the managers about the ways to manage clients, resources, timeline, projects, and other types of hurdles. Start with your time and work. Then try to help others when needed.
  7. Observe things around you: When you are working from home, it is quite obvious to get bored often. In this case, observe things around you while working, cooking, taking a walk in the garden, or playing with the kids. Observing things will help you to concentrate better in the workplace.
  8. Try to learn something new every day: In this lockdown period, you can save a few hours every day as you don’t have to travel to and from office. So, you can productively invest the excess time. Whether it is an automation tool or a small testing technique, you can try to learn something new every day during this period. These days, several institutes offer selenium training in Bangalore that you can join online. It will later show wonders in your career. And you will be able to kick start a career in IT.
  9. Take care of your health and well-being: During the lockdown, house arrest and the shutdown of fitness centers have teamed together. And the outcome is quite disastrous. Being forced to stay indoors all the time can result in a negative impact on both our body and mind. So, you must take the best care of your health and well-being during this time. Start with eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy junk food items, start your day with some home workouts, dedicate enough attention to your close ones apart from your work, and keep aside enough time for yourself as well as for your family members to meet your personal goals. 

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