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Service Oriented Architecture is a top down and bottom up approach to testing that helps validate apps. Most such processes of testing focus on functionality and performance or load testing. However, when students undergo SOA testing courses, they are usually taught only these basics without going into depth into the features of this versatile tool. The benefits of SOA, namely reduction of expense, increase in reuse of assets, agility of business and reduction of business risk are not clearly understood and hence a student who undergoes a basic course cannot address these issues.

Service Oriented Architecture

The right web services SOA testing course from Seleniumlabs goes beyond the basics and takes students through details to higher levels that help them gain proficiency and apply such skills in real life situations thereby delivering greater value.

Of course students receive training in clear understanding of the basic components of service oriented architecture such as service provider, consumer and service registry and their interactions. At here they go on to learn how to develop a test model such as the V-Model applicable to a product and its lifecycle and define business acceptance test criteria. This is fundamental to the entire process in a top down/bottom up approach to define business process and test each individual service with different levels of detail.

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Knowledge about and expertise in SOA governance is just as important to realize benefits of SOA, ensure consistency, measure and communicate. Students enrolling for the course learn this from experts and have a better overview of how to go about it in real life situation.

Then comes the actual SOA test methodology. Students receive thorough grounding in traditional testing methods and the challenges these pose in modern environments such as absence of user interface and data driven business logic. The heart of the course is the revised test approach using latest tools to cover busines domain, service use, specifications, configuration and security risks.

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As they progress students learn about how to manage complex problems by dividing them into smaller components and deliver quality performance. The fact is that SOA blends both technology and business and anyone involved in testing must have knowledge about the interactivity of these two domains and how to best resolve them for excellent performance. Design is as much a part of the job as is testing using appropriate tools if objectives are to be achieved and here professionals teach him precisely how to achieve this.

SOA Technology

At the end students learn how to define SOA architecture, break it down into manageable parts and test them individually as well as together, covering governance, security and services. The course gives expertise to students in testing of governance, service components, service levels, integration, process orchestration, system level and security testing in a comprehensive way.

They get to become experts in functional, performance, interoperability, security, backward compatibility and compliance testing. The course also incorporates regressing strategies and security testing because these are must have skills. By learning about the entire process in a thorough way, students can perform their task better and deliver true value as well as receive full value for money spent.


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