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Once a student completes his degree course he can land a job as a software developer but he is up against competition from thousands of similarly qualified colleagues. The way to become indispensable is to obtain added qualifications in the form of training.

When it comes to advanced training one must choose the areas of specialization with care. One can find oneself in a dead end by choosing the wrong path. It is necessary to choose areas with high future potential and one such area is web services SOA testing. Why web services testing and not just software testing?  There is a difference. Software testing training gives a professional expertise in testing desktop or networked applications. However, these days, most software is deployed over the internet and apps are usually run using the browser as a platform. This internet-browser combination throws up a set of challenges for testing the software so deployed. This is handled by obtaining WebServices Training in Bangalore at Selenium Labs, the premier training institute known to churn out highly skilled and capable professionals.

Web services SOA testing checks that there is seamless communication between two applications regardless of platform or hardware or software while meeting objectives of the service oriented architecture of an organization. Software may be deployed using simple object access protocol (SOAP) or representational state transfer architecture (REST) or may be a combination of both. In either case the end user should not face any issues while using the service and delivery should be secure as well. Training in web services SOA testing gives candidates a thorough understanding of the WSDL file and an in-depth understanding of how WebServices are provisioned. Candidates at Selenium Labs, the premier provider of WebServices training in Bangalore imparts in-depth training in theory as well as exhaustive training in various scenarios as well as the use of various tools.

Students learn to test the functioning of WebServices, review specifications and evaluate requests and responses. They learn hands-on practical of performance testing and identify satisfactory or below par performance. For services delivered over the web, safe and secure delivery is a prime requisite. One of the associated tasks of web services testing is to check for security and be thoroughly familiar with all kinds of security risks. Web services must also adhere to international standards and the training in testing gives them a good background of all such standards in use.

Selenium Lab’s web service training is available online and a busy professional can join this online course that includes full support to assist him in carrying out testing and practical’s using his own system. Unlike other institutions where a student may be required to visit the institute’s labs for practical’s, this may not be necessary because of the way Selenium Labs has structured the course and practical sessions. Of course, there are always experts available to assist a student with theory and practice side of the training. The right training institute does make a difference in how capable a student is after completion of the course. Selenium graduates are sought after because they are competent from day one.

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