Switching from Manual to Automation Testing Career In Last 8 Years

Well, below statistics data referenced from NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies), as per NASSCOM if we look back in the year of 2010 then definitely can figure it out how Selenium automation tool changed the web based world. Every small scale software companies to large scale software companies keep on trying to equip with open source mainstream tools that’s none other Selenium tool. Definitely in 2010, Selenium was not that great tool but most of the software companies predicted that selenium will dominate entire testing based companies. Result in front of you, in India all the product or non-product based company relying on Selenium tool. End of 2017 industry is expecting around 590000 engineers will use Selenium tool in across India.



In context of transformation, surely one questions comes in mind that’s

Why every year there is huge Selenium automation engineer demand?

Simple answer is due to e-market.

Let me give you one example,

Today’s world almost all the products can buy or sell through digitally, so demand is huge. Once demand comes from end user then definitely service provider needs to give proper service. Fulfilling the service needs experts, so progressively migrating from other tool to Selenium tool.

In 2010 only 10%(Tester and Developers) engineers were exploring and using selenium tool but once testers found suitable browser compatibility then onwards started getting more popularity. In the Year of 2016, one of major component i.e. web driver was stable so as per NASSCOM approximately 550000 engineers worked on this technology.



Selenium labs contributed tremendously transforming from manual to automation engineers.

Below graph shows 1000 of students took up the course and successfully landed in Automation world.

Selenium training in Bangalore gives hope to the real aspirants so that they can achieve their career goal.


Selenium Students

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