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We here at Selenium Labs are focus training students for Selenium courses and make them job ready. I should let you know that getting a job is really easy, the tough part is- Doing it. You can lie in your interviews, in your resume etc and you may get a job also. But will you be able to do that job without actually having the knowledge and the experience? I don’t think so and I am sure you do too.

So here our major concern is to get you to start on not just selenium and java but also train you and prepare you for resume and interview and having your work on live projects for you that will help you get any kind of Automation Jobs.

Package of our selenium online training

It is very important for any kind of training to have a certain curriculum to run the training smoothly.

1) The JAVA- We majorly focus on core java and specifically the part which is required to work on selenium. The scope of automation is more with java compared any other language as a majority for companies work on Java and therefore the scripting for automation is also done in java.

2) Selenium- After you complete java we move towards selenium. Before starting selenium you would be given a brief intro about manual testing just to make you understand better. You will be taught selenium webdriver and all the tools like TestNg, Maven, Grid, [email protected] etc.

3) The Live Project- Finally you would be doing the live projects with the Page object model framework. Live projects will help you get an idea of how the work is done in organizations. Live projects also give you the confidence to answer the actual work-related questions in interviews.

Why Selenium With Java

Java is the most popular and adopted by a large number of organizations and Selenium is the most popular tool for testing. Java and selenium are there in a large number of IT companies which makes the combination of these two full of scope and very bright future for testers.

  • Java is very popular because of the features it has. It is simple to learn. One can quickly learn this language and it also eliminates the poor programming practice.
  • It is an object-oriented programming language. It is distributed and TCP/IP can be accessed on the internet. It is a secure language and it ensures that the coded loaded over the network does not violate java security constraints.

Selenium, on the other hand, is very useful and irrespective of other tools in the market it will always be the option for tester and here why:

  • It is available for free and anyone can make changes to the code according to their use.
  • It supports many programming languages like Java, Python, c#, ruby, PHP
  • It supports various operating system like windows, Linux.
  • It is easy to use as it has a very simple UI. And automation can be done with very simple instructions.
  • The tests can be performed 24*7 using a remotely held device.

Therefore selenium and java make the best couple for automation testers. Selenium automation tool will last for a very long time and scripting in selenium using Java have a number of opportunities.

And Selenium online training provided by us is job oriented. With trainers having 14+ years of experience we have the best training for you and help you get jobs.

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