Selenium Python Experts Salary in India

Selenium Python Experts Salary in India

Python become one of most powerful language because of its various characteristics.If we look back 10 years then Python used to call as scripting language rather than programming language.But innovation and creativity it makes so powerful language that every developer loves to learn this language.It endorses not only web platforms, its enables large complex systems to various types of system related hardware simulation.As you know that python has combo nature of C and Java language so developing any application become so easy that any developer take chance to do it.

So why to wait, let’s start learning this language.Various types of courses available in the market, as selenium with python online course.

This language will enable you to go as developer or tester or admin role very diligently.

In india tremendous opportunity coming up on web application development and testing activities, international technology journal reveals that in FY20-21 almost 500 Billion business will do in the IT sector. As we know that India is a global hub for efficient manpower, so prepare for it and expedite as early.

In general any python developer or tester average salary would be 4 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum, reference taken from global mean data industry.

What roles Python Developers perform?

1. Data Scientists:

Generally Data Scientists gather, process, and interpret data with the help of python, various languages available but Python has been playing a major role in this area. Python programmers contribute to the field of Data Science to make things easy. 

2.Automation engineer:

Generally automation engineer will create automation framework so that manual test can be executed without user interface. Robot framework is one of popular framework which automates complex web applications. Python online course will give you right path to enter in software industry. Obviously selenium online training will fulfill your expectations.

3.Analytics engineer:

Gather data and put it in a form of table and visualize it presentation format.We know in the world data becomes so huge that doing analysis is a tedious job so by using python language we can present data any format graphical/tabular.

4.Devops engineer:

Most prominent role in the current market, it flourished in every segment of data.As we know that huge applications run on certain platforms and store in some places.

Maintaining these data become the most challenging job in the software fraternity.Python takes care of maximum workload and performs aggressively.

In Which domain python developers fit into?

1st is ecommerce,2nd is healthcare, 3rd is telecom and media so on.

As you know that YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, whats app are giants of their idea and innovation.To large scale python leverages all the applications smooth and suitable.

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