IT Professionals Undergoing Selenium Training in Bangalore Can Be Assured of Placements

The fact of life is that many youngsters opt to make a career in IT because they think it is a high paying sector and it is easy to get jobs. The reality is that there is intense competition and, each year, there are thousands of IT graduates flooding the job markets. It is not uncommon to find that companies let go senior staff and select freshers at low pay. In such a scenario, anyone who has followed a generalized IT course must specialize and create skills that will keep him in demand as well as land him a job.

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Most colleges that offer IT courses offer placement at the end of studies. This type of placement is far from satisfactory and graduates find themselves being worked to death for a low pay. Specialization is the key to success and to being in demand. Instead of becoming a software developer, one can become a software tester. This is a promising field as more and more companies seek qualified software testers. A number of private institutions offer training courses but with no guarantee of a job. Selenium training in Bangalore by Selenium Labs is the only course where the institute actually guarantees a good placement once a candidate completes the course.

Selenium is the preferred platform for software testing and one can undergo various Selenium courses such as Selenium with Appium or Coded UI. One can specialize in Jmeter testing training in Bangalore. However, selenium is more promising. Those who qualify with selenium with C#, Selenium with Python or Selenium with Java are better placed to land well-paying jobs. Classes usually last for 3 to 4 days and the intensive hands-on training includes a lot of theory and a practical project as well followed by certification and options on placement.

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No doubt such courses cost some money but think of it as an investment. If one has spent years in acquiring a degree in IT but with no chances of a proper job, it is worthwhile investing in Selenium training, a short stay in Bangalore and then the world of career opportunity opens up. Selenium testers command respectable pay and position with salaries ranging around USD 90000.

Those who undergo basic Selenium testing training in Bangalore can expect to land the job of test analyst at the very least. This is a junior position but challenging and rewarding. It could lead progressively to higher levels such as that of a team leader, test manager and then a business analyst.

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It is easy to join any number of courses to enhance one’s skill sets but what is the point of spending money if there are no returns is a question that students ask. In the case of selenium training, it is not money down the drain; it is an investment since a job waits for each candidate at the conclusion of the course. Software testing has really matured on the selenium platform and those who pick this course are making the right career decision.

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