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Online Courses During Lockdown India With Certificate

Even though the coronavirus has claimed loads of things from us, it has given us plenty of time in return. And when you have loads of time, you can use it constructively instead of scrolling through different apps mindlessly or watching TV for hours. Learning some new things or engaging yourself in a new skill during this lockdown is a highly effective way to get through the lockdown. Joining an automation testing course is one such thing.

At present, the field of testing has experienced some enormous growth. As a result, companies are not only looking for good testers but also they are in search of people, who specialize in all the tools and techniques of testing. It is because this helps the businesses to save some valuable resources while performing the jobs with less effort and time.

Selenium is one of the most popular testing tools that have shown some promising results. Additional benefits of Selenium are that it can offer you an impressive resume and lucrative salary packages with the perfect job opportunity to launch your career. These are the perfect reasons to enroll for a selenium online training with certification. Besides, you can also join the advance Selenium training programs that target on C# and Java.

Now let’s get some details on Selenium and advanced Selenium training courses online.

Selenium certification program:
The Selenium certification online training course helps the participants to learn to automate web application testing. This can be achieved with the help of a robust framework by integrating it within the DevOps process. Besides, in the selenium online training, the learners will learn the architectural overview of Selenium IDE and the ways to write test scripts as well as to execute those for identifying defects. As most of the leading Selenium institutes offer live and interactive training sessions, therefore these programs also include client’s projects for real-time testing and implementation and demo website testing for helping the participants to get hands-on expertise.

Advanced Selenium certification program with C#:
If you are planning to start your career in the field of automation testing with Selenium after lockdown, then this is the best training program that you can opt for. This selenium with c# course will transform you into a QA engineer from a beginner with the skill to understand the necessity of building frameworks. This training program offered by the best Selenium training institutes is also full of some real-world exercises that will help you to learn:

  1. The best practices of automation testing
  2. Execution of parallel tests with NUnit
  3. Page Object Pattern
  4. Creation and debugging of log files
  5. C# for the software automation engineers
  6. Creation of HTML reports

Advanced Selenium certification program with Java:
The curriculum of this online training program is designed in such a way that it helps the participants to get proficient in different basic sections of Java to work with Selenium. Apart from Java basics, the selenium with java course also focuses on advanced Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium database and grid, framework design, and performance testing. Joining this training program is also beneficial for those participants, who want a full-blown knowledge of MAVEN, TestNG, JENKINS, ANT, CUCUMBER, LOG4J, EXCEL API, HTML REPORTS, GRID PARALLEL TESTING. Besides, this course also extensively prepares the participants for interviews while teaching them the ways to create impressive resumes through different sections.

Other things that the participants can learn in this course are: 

  1. Optimizing automation test cases
  2. Designing hybrid and data-driven automation frameworks and PageObject from scratch
  3. Code quality standards and automation guidelines
  4. Verification of the data integrity etc.

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