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Students who have completed their degree in IT are faced with different choices. Should one go for networking, cloud technologies and internet? Should one opt to become a software developer? Is there another alternative that is not quite as competitive as software development or networking technologies?  The same questions worry software engineers or software developers when they think about their future. The short answer is to become a software tester.

Online Selenium Training

Why? The simple answer is that a software developer, for example, may choose to specialize in a specific area such as mobile technologies, C, Java, Oracle, PHP or others. There are hundreds others joining the ranks each day. Now, it is a common practice that as a staff member becomes a senior he can expect higher pay but employers are no less smart and are likely to dump older staff in favor of younger people who will work more enthusiastically for longer hours at less pay. Secondly, choosing a specific segment means one is limited to only that arena of operation and the scope for advancement narrows.

Best Selenium Training

It is also a known fact that no software developer or team or package is perfect and there always are bugs. This is why it always has been a practice for software to undergo extensive tests prior to release. In fact, testing involved a complex setup of software, personnel and hardware in cases of advanced software packages. Selenium is that one package to automate testing of software developed in Java, C and other technologies across dozens of parameters. It is fast, reliable and cuts short effort and time to trace errors.

Selenium training in bangalore

In today’s scenario software development is competitive and companies engaged in this task must deliver solutions that work right off the bat. This is one reason why there has been a multi-fold increase in the use of Selenium as a versatile and efficient time saving tool for software testing. This in turn has drive up demand for software testing professionals who have undergone selenium training. Student’s fresh out of college would do well to consider training to become software testers on the Selenium platform. Even those working in IT can switch over to Selenium training. It is easy for those in Bangalore or other cities in India to attend online selenium training classes and become experts in a short time. Others can opt for online Selenium training conducted by Selenium Labs worldwide.

Selenium training in bangalore

It is not a recession-proof sector. The first ones to get hit are mostly developers. Why face this kind of situation when one can become Selenium pro and be assured of an excellent career that is almost immune from the effects of recession? Being stuck in a specific segment is like going around in circles. Learning Selenium to become a software tester is like achieving tangential velocity. One can fly.

Selenium is class leading software testing solution and reigns supreme. Most third party software testing companies have opted for Selenium and even software development companies have done likewise. Learn Selenium. Lots of doors open. All over the world.


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