Katalon Recorder – an complete replacement of Selenium IDE

Today we will gonna discuss Katalon recorder, as one of the replacements for Selenium IDE for Chrome browser.

We all know that Selenium IDE is no longer supported from Firefox version 55 and the reason is because Selenium IDE was maintained by only one person and it is not going to be really useful by many of the people because there are none of the core contributors available to do that and that’s why it has been taken down. So Katalon Recorder now does the working of recording script similar to Selenium IDE.

Well, Katalon Studio is one of the most popular open source free tool available on the market right now and it has been releasing so many things which are currently not even available in some of the proprietary software’s and Katalan Studio is very famous because of its simplicity and availability, and lot of new features and updates every time it releases new versions of it. Well, the Katalan recorder is another piece of a tool which is available by Katalan team which is a great replacement of Selenium IDE.

Unlike Selenium IDE, Katalan recorder has a very big dedicated team who are actually developing it.

It really has a lot of features when compared to Selenium IDE, something like you can see that it can be explored with different languages and even robot framework if you’re interested in. And also it is even supported the latest version of Firefox and Chrome browsers that is really cool. And you can see in the image below that there are so many users for this particular Katalan recorder as like Selenium IDE and the reviews are pretty cool.

Katalon Recorder - Chrome Web Store Reviews
Katalon Recorder – Chrome Web Store Reviews

So let’s quickly see and understand how things work in Katalon Recorder. So, you have to add that into your Browser.

Katalon Recorder Download Links:

[su_button url=”https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/katalon-recorder-selenium/ljdobmomdgdljniojadhoplhkpialdid” style=”flat” icon=”icon: download” text_shadow=”2px 2px 2px #000000″]Chrome extension[/su_button]    [su_button url=”https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/katalon-automation-record/” style=”flat” icon=”icon: download” text_shadow=”2px 2px 2px #000000″] Firefox Add-on[/su_button]

Working with Katalon Recorder

The Katalan recorder has a very simple UI, pretty much exactly like how it looks for Selenium IDE but just that it is really nicely built because it has some other cool feature which we’ll be looking at right now. You can even export the code to the Catalan studio and you can run the code and see how it works.

Record a test case

To record a test case,

create a new test case > give it a name > hit OK

copy the website URL you want to record

click on the Record button. You will see that you don’t really have to type that particular URL, whatever URL you have copied is going to be taken as the input for the particular Carter.

Also once I click on something or input something, it will show some message in a popup to notify you that it is recording all the stuff.

Stop recording

When you are done with the activities you wanna record, go back to Katalon Recorder > click on Stop.

You will see all activities getting recorded

Delete a command:

You can filter out unnecessary commands recorded. To do that


You can also highlight any command you wish.

  • navigate to the page you are testing
  • in recorder select the command you want to highlight
  • click the button marked in the  image below

You can see in the above image the section is highlighted with yellow.

Run the recording:

So let’s quickly run the recording and see how it actually behaves.

Run the record by clicking the Play button

You will see it will automatically perform all the command. Like website visit, entering login ID and password, everything you have recorded. And it should be working without any problem.

It is pretty fast and straightforward and I guess this is really a good replacement for Selenium IDE. Even Selenium IDE has some failures, like waiting problems and even the command is not that straightforward. But Katalon recorder is really cool.

Upload Logs:

You can see there is an option where you can upload the logs to the Catalan analytics straight away.

This is really cool because on Katalon analytics you can just configure that the same thing you can do from here.

Export code:

To export the code if I click on the Export button (1).

You will see the code is automatically coming here with the Selenium command for a particular element. So if you want to export a particular code in C Sharp, instead of using the Katalon studio, you can use there. The whole code comes and the good thing is it also writes its own method to switch to the element or switch to the alert and close the alert and get the text out from it. All those methods are coming out of the box in here.

Export in different Framework:

Similarly, you can choose different frameworks, let’s say for TestNG it comes in for the TestNG version and if you wanna select the JUnit version JUnit version also comes in. Which is really cool.

These are some of the great things which even Selenium IDE doesn’t really have – you can export this is a Robot Framework. This is another really really one of the greatest things that we can really imagine about.

So there are the coolest things about the Katalon Recorder, these are really not available even in Selenium IDE itself.

We can copy these codes or we can Save as file and also as said before you can export this log to Katalan analytics (Beta). So if you have an account and you are logged in on the Katalon Studio analytics and if you run the test it is going to export the particular logs that you just have executed into this particular stuff.

So to do this

  • first, just log in to Katalon Studio Analytics (Beta)
  • in the recorder, click on Play (1) and it is going to run the test
  • once it is done click on the Export button (2)
  • chose a test project from your Katalon analytics account(3)
  • hit Upload button (4) and close the pop-up.

Now the Katalon recorder is expected to export all the logs over there and you can go Katalon Studio Analytics (Beta) and see the results of all the tests you have performed. You can find all particular codes, the particular date the test was run. Also, you can see the complete logs in the Action column. Also, you can download any log in CSV format by clicking on CSV of the particular test, in Action column, which you can view with Microsoft Excel software in your Desktop.

Also. if you hit on any ID in the column, you can get the detailed analytics information

So these are the cool things I see which are available only in Kataloan recorder, which is completely not available in selenium IDE. So, I guess Katalon recorder is a really good replacement of selenium IDE and I really think that this is very helpful and handy to write a very simple straightforward code without even spending a single minute of coding effort once again.

So, let me know in the comment what you think about Katalon recorder.

Also, if you are interested in premium training on Katalon Studio, you can check the details and feel free contact us to contact us if you doubt. We would be very happy to help anyone out.

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