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Nowadays getting a job without experience in selenium is easy if you have a basic knowledge of Selenium it’s ok to get a job but it will slow down your career graph moving to the next level. Current days there is a lot of IT companies having a vacancy in automation testing, and also they were hiring a number of peoples with manual testing knowledge. As per Business Wire records in 2016, web testing rapidly continues to become increasingly popular, especially with the various use of web components and shadow DOM in apps, as well as various browsers Chrome, Mozilla and Edge blocking APIs. Selenium has gone on to become the idol of web testing tools, with a whopping 300 percent increase in job postings over the past three years.

Popularity of Selenium WebDriver:


Selenium WebDriver is the most popular testing tool to work with Selenium and provides a friendly API as it is easy to explore and understand, as well as it helps to make tests easier to read and maintain. Selenium WebDriver is a sought after skill in the testing ecosystem with massive traction in the US, UK, the Middle East, and Australia, where jobs have skyrocketed and consequently, pay packages are more than attractive compared to earlier.

Selenium Job Roles:

Some of the popular software testing or selenium testing job titles that Selenium WebDriver experts can look for include:

  • Quality Engineer
  • Automation Test Lead
  • QA Engineer
  • Selenium Automation Analyst
  • Senior Test Engineer, among others.

Selenium Salary Trends:

According to job portal, the median salary for a Selenium WebDriver competency job role in the US is 98,000 USD. And an interesting trend to note is that the first half of 2014 saw a mammoth upsurge in Selenium job opportunities, and while experts expected it to not to be a fluctuated phenomenon, but the graph got stabilized and even today, two years later, the opportunities still continue to grow.

Selenium and AngularJS:

Since Selenium is suitable for both web as well as mobile applications, the person who knows WebDriver can go on for master Protractor, which is a testing framework built over the WebDriver in order to test the AngularJS framework. But of course, one deserves to choose to make a career entire on testing as well as Selenium, especially in organizations that have a long term vision for using WebDriver for all their test automation initiatives in future projects. One thing is very true that, Selenium WebDriver is here to stay for a reasonable time to come in IT industry as it is being used in various upcoming and present projects. So, its worth your while to add it to your skills repertoire.

Job Market:

The best thing in order to know is first to publish your updated resume in various portals and attend as many as interviews. This will help you to get updated and know the latest trends of selenium and future scope in the IT market.

Then consult various seniors those who are already working in selenium market and attend various webinars and sessions which will help you to know the job market. To know more information about automation read: Selenium Training in Bangalore

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