How to Switch Career from Manual Testing to Automation Testing?

Now a days most of manual tester changing their career into automation testing. But why? Behind this, hiding many reasons.  Manual testing is time taking and company has to spend more budget on that.

Manual testing is not that same what it was before 5 years. As per time spend manual testing has been improved or updated and changed to automation. This day’s manual testing job availability become very restricted as automation jobs opening are more in market.

In current scenario manual testers are interested to expand their knowledge with programming language like java, Python, C# and many more and automation framework.  But they face more problem while searching job without programming language.

If you want to save your life then you should choose Automation and create a bright future.

Now see, how a manual tester switching to automation tester?

  1. Understand what is selenium: First you need to understand what is selenium. Why selenium? Very basic point you need to know about selenium

2. Learn one programming language:  


Most trending questions

“Can I Learn Selenium without any programming language?”

“Is it important to learn programming language in selenium?”

People who are planning to shift their career in automation, 90% doesn’t like programming as they are doesn’t like or hate coding. So they mostly want to skip coding part.

We all knows learning a programming language is demandable, valuable for automation tester. One of the most difficult part is coding for non IT people while learning automation.

If you are beginner as an automation, we would suggest you to choose Python which is much easier compare with other programming language.

At least you have to learn one language from the following programme

•     C/C++

•     Java

•     SQL

•     Python

•     Perl

•     XML

•     HTML

•     CSS

3. Learn automation testing tools: While learning selenium, need to pick right automation tools like framework, open source and third party tool to make its easy process. There are many testing tool, free tool like Nightwatch.JS, Cucumber, and Protractor etc. and paid tool is Cross Browser Testing which make lot easier. Most amazing part of selenium is “Record and Replay” for lightweight, code less automated testing.

4. Understand ATLC Methodology: ATLC stands for Automation Testing Life Cycle. Automation engineers understand and strictly follows the life cycle. Those are

  1. Decision making in automated testing.
  2. Test automation tools.
  3. Automation testing process.
  4. Test planning, design, and development.
  5. Test script execution and management.
  6. Review and assessment of test programs.
Automated Lifecycle Testing

5. Create automation strategy: Strategy creation is a very crucial part for any project. Same here, automation strategy is a very important part for selenium project. Once you come over with ATLC Methodology then next procedure id automation strategy which will help you to reduce manual testing time.

6. Keep Updated: One of the most important part is “new update”. Always need to be update with new automation trends. New process, tricks and tips will help to grow you as well your company.

If you want to be an automation tester engineer then you need to really work hard with passion and dedication.

Now may this question comes to your mind that can I learn selenium by own? Why not, you can learn by online tutorial, videos, youtube but at a point you need a personal guidance who is experienced in same field and can help you to clarify doubts from very basic.

Selenium Labs, Selenium training institute, offers selenium course in Bangalore with 15+ year’s industry experienced trainers, guide you from end to end from basic to real time projects.

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