How is career scope in Selenium or Software Testing?

Normally, whenever planning to move into Selenium or software testing this question crosses your mind “What is the career scope or prospect of Selenium or software testing.” So one-word answer to this question is “Yes”, it is having a good scope in the IT market.

“Automation Testing or Selenium in software testing” is no more a skill targeted to limited people” – “any right person with the right attitude to join the Selenium in software testing can create test automation scripts”.The future is with qualified test automation engineers those who understand more concepts and artificial intelligence as a part of programming tools and languages.

Jason Huggins was an engineer at Thought Works and created Selenium in 2004 while working on a web application that needs constant testing. While trying to control browser actions and increase the efficiency of repetitive testing, he invented a JavaScript program called “JavaScript Test Runner.” The potential for this realized and made into open-source and renamed as Selenium Core.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a software used for software testing and is a free (open source) automated testing tool, a combination of tool and a domain specific language (DSL). Focused on automating web-based applications. To complete selenium successfully, require some programming language like Java, C#, Python, C, Perl, etc. (no need to learn all languages, only one require)

Selenium is one of the best automation testing tool these days. From the past 10 years, selenium has been growing like a trend software and gone through multiple changes.

Selenium is having a wider scope in the future as tools are emerging to make and supports Linux, Windows, and OSX.  The job opportunities in selenium testing will be available at all times for skilled and training professionals.

The scope of Selenium in software testing

1.High demand in the market

2.High growth rate

Job roles of Selenium

Selenium has given many opportunities to people, offers job titles, those are

1.     Quality Engineer

2.     Automation Test Lead

3.     QA Engineer

4.     Selenium Automation Analyst

5.     Senior Test Engineer, among others

Who can choose a career in Selenium testing?

1.     Manual testers

2.     Non-IT

3.     Freshers/ graduates

4.     Test lead

5.     Software developers

What are the skills required to become a Software Tester ?

Let us discuss the Technical and Non-Technical required to become a Software Tester

Non-Technical Skills

These are the essential skills for becoming a good software tester-

Analytical skills:
Sharp analytical skills is a must for a good software tester. Analytical skills help break up a complex software system into smaller units to gain a better and simple understanding and create test cases.

Communication skill: In today’s world good software tester must have good verbal and written communication skill in order to create testing artifacts (like test cases/plans, test strategies, bug reports, etc.) to make it easy to read and comprehend.

Time Management & Organization Skills: Testing at times is always a demanding job especially during the release of code. A software tester must be efficient to manage workload, should have high productivity, exhibit optimal time management, and organization skills.

Great Attitude: Attitude is needed to sustain in any job but to be a good software tester you must have a GREAT attitude in terms of ‘test to break’, orientation in detail, eager to learn and suggesting various way of process improvements. In the software or IT industry, software technologies changes or update with tremendous speed, and a good software tester in order to sustain in IT industry should always upgrade his/her technical skills with the changing technologies. Your attitude should be different as it should reflect a certain degree of independence where you take ownership or responsibility of the task allocated and complete it without much direct supervision.

Passion: To excel in any profession or job, one must have a significant degree of passion or ambitious for it.

Technical Skills

Basic knowledge of Database/ SQL: Software Systems have a large amount of data in the background as data is stored in different types of databases like Oracle, MySQL, etc. in the backend.

Basic knowledge of Linux commands: Linux commands are needed for most of the current software so basic knowledge is required.

Knowledge and hands-on experience of a Test Management Tool: Test Management is one of the important aspects of Software testing. Test management is nothing but managing your testing related artifacts. There are many other tools i.e available that can be utilized for Test Management.

Knowledge and hands-on experience of any Defect Tracking tool: Defect life cycle and Defect Tracking are key aspects of software testing. It is one of the critical aspects to manage defects properly and track them in a systematic manner Several tools are used to lock defects including QC, Bugzilla, Jira, etc.

Knowledge and hands-on experience of Automation tool: If you want to see yourself or become an “Automation tester” after a couple of years as a manual tester, then you must master in a tool and get in-depth knowledge, hands-on knowledge of automation tools.

Bottom Line
In the present scenario of IT industry, Selenium is the perfect option for automated website testing. It is being popular with its use rising at a rapid pace as time goes on. It is the first preferred choice of automation testers as well as companies for automating the web-based application testing for both GUI as well as the functionality.

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