How Can I Learn Selenium With Java?

The software testing industry now is going through a shift with the manual testers, who are upgrading their skills to the field of automation testing. The main reason behind it is the enhanced relevance of automation testing in the present business scenarios. And because of this development, automation testing has grown up as a field with the fastest-growing career options. Selenium WebDriver has become a highly popular option in the field of automation testing due to the prime features like flexibility with the programming languages, open-source nature, and compatibility with different browsers. Besides, Selenium also allows the testers to automate even the simple tests.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of Selenium, more and more institutes are offering this training program. And Selenium with Java is one of the most popular courses when it comes to learning Selenium automation testing as Java is the most popular language of writing tests with Selenium.

So, if you are planning to learn Selenium with Java, then you can join any of those institutes. The Selenium with Java course offered by the reputable institutes is designed specifically for the beginners in the field of Selenium and test automation. Therefore, here the participants can learn everything starting from setting up Selenium WebDriver to operating the first automated Selenium test. Besides, here in these courses, the basics of Java is also explained to help the beginners to start understanding how to use Selenium with Java.

The Selenium with Java course is mainly divided into several modules. Here are some details:

  1. Java is often used to write scripts for the Selenium automation tool, therefore, the modules of this course will help the participants to learn Java right from scratch. Besides, the modules of this course deal with the important concepts used by the regular Java developers.
  2. Other modules of this course deal with Selenium WebDriver and different automation concepts related to it like frameworks, Selenium actions, locators, and Selenium IDE. Besides, the trainers of the reputable Selenium with Java training institutes also explain the concepts of Selenium by using live demos to make practical implementation easily understandable for the participants like as the ways to use a WebDriver API for launching and interacting with the websites.
  3. The next modules of this course deal with TestNG that is a type of automation framework used widely by the Java developers. Often TestNG is combined with Selenium WebDriver for writing test codes. The features of TestNG are widely used for easy framework maintenance and better test structure.

Selenium with Java tutorial is mainly created for the software testers, who aim to learn automation testing from the very beginning with the help of Selenium and Java. Therefore, after completing this course, the participants would learn the ways to automate software testing by using Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG. Besides, these courses will also help the participants to learn to execute tests in different frameworks like Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers; recognizing various automation test failures and exceptions; learning how to avoid or fix things.

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