Allowing Flexibility to the Trainers and Students – how it is working for us?

flexibilities to teachers and students - selenium labs

One of the things that we do differently than most of the institutions is we provide much more flexibility to our trainers and our students

The flexibilities in terms of way of teaching, class timings and duration, course content, study materials and so on. Also, we entertain our student till a certain level of course customization, timings. Which makes the trainer both trainers and students more comfortable, the trainers can give their bests, and also student enjoys the training and gains skills much effectively.

For branding and maintaining standard in most institutions, all the classes follow procedure, follow the same pattern. Every trainer, every subject every batch has to follow those protocol strictly. Having those rules are great in many ways, as they can provide a consistent experience, like the same type of teaching, maintain the same pace, very similar assignments for all of their centres and all of the batches.

But we think we are better off this way. We focus less on our Branding and Standardization of courses for our institution and let the trainers flexible in how he teaches, how many classes he require to finish a course. As the topics we teach are very niche focused, we have a small number of the trainers, so even after so much flexibility, we can easily maintain the quality. So, we give our teachers and students more flexibility, we do not impose lots of rules and instructions.

Every trainer has a unique way of teaching which he is most comfortable with and he does it better than others. We believe should not force him to lose that essence, we use that to get the result we expect and promise to our students.

As it is not so consistent, the teaching will have much effect on the trainer’s personal preference, personality, and also Majority of the students. But it doesn’t matter we get our job done successfully. They should meet our objectives which is

  • achieving students satisfaction
  • making sure they are well prepared for the industry

– which is all that matters for us.


Although, we have very minimal demand requirements, which every trainer must do

Our only criteria are providing good quality training, students’ satisfaction and students should learn what we have promised.

For example for Selenium with Java Course every trainer must Teach this course content at minimum Core JAVA, Selenium WebDriver, then several advanced tools like Maven, TestNG, Reporting Tools – XSLT, GitHub. All topics should be taught with lots of practical examples, assignments on every topic, classes have to be interactive. There has to be one live project that will require all the knowledge and skills students have gained and use of all the tools students are trained in class. Questions that are asked in interviews should be discussed in classes and students should be confident about all very common questions.

Which we know is enough to get a good job and start working in an industry confidently.

Few examples where we find this flexibility is really helpful for everyone:

For assignment and live projects, students choose the topics, in some batch, they are interested in e-commerce, in some batch on telecommunication. The trainer has to make sure that all the topics are covered and all types of examples are given and practised, but after that student can focus on the topic they decide for the live project.

And some of the trainees will be already working in companies, they come up with very practical problems and questions, which also help others gain practical knowledge and understanding of working in the industry as Automation Engineers.

Like one of our trainers, once has finished a batch in 28 hours, and for another batch, he took 40 hours for the same course. In the previous batch, students were little experienced, working professionals and most of them were comfortable with programming. And in the later batch, students were immediate pass outs, some did not have a programming background, and some other people had a programming background but were not so much comfortable with coding. We allow extra time for the trainers and students if they need it.

In a recent weekdays morning batch (Monday – Friday), the students requested to take the class each alternate day, they were working on the live project and they needed to practise. So if the classes were on alternate days they would get enough time to practise. We agreed though it took a couple of weeks extra to finish the batch, and we couldn’t start a new batch on alternate days. But the students were happy.

Another of our trainers, types all the codes right there in the class. Generally, what it happens, trainers do not type everything, they have it all ready, only type and explain critical parts. Which is absolutely fine. For some student typing all the codes might not be required who are already comfortable with coding, but who are new they like that. That costs us time, as it takes more than 40 hours to finish the course which is supposed to be a 32-36 hrs course. It takes time of 5 batches to teach 4 batches. But it is fine for us to let him teach the way he likes to explain his lessons.

And students love this, which makes our marketing process less painful, we love when some new person calls us and say he/she wants some specific trainer, cause his/her friend recommended that trainer.


To maintain the quality we follow some process to hire a good trainer. We check his previous reputation, knowledge, experience and check his teaching quality ourselves if he doesn’t have much teaching experience. Once we are satisfied, we allow him to take a few classes, then collect students’ feedbacks. If that seems to be good enough, we continue providing training with him while leaving the teaching style, class duration and such other stuff on his own. And to make sure that later also he is maintaining quality we collect students’ feedback from each of the batches.

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