Which is the best training institute for Selenium in Bangalore?

I have found many people wondering what is the Best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore. Obviously, it is a very genuine question to ask before you spent your money where you later understand you shouldn’t have.

Well, there is no absolute best Institution for anything, each Institute is very good from some perspective.

Here, I have tried to help you out to find the most suitable Institute/trainer for you, also I am sharing what I think our Institution do the best. So you can decide whether it is good enough for you to give a try (a Free Demo).

Selenium Labs is one of the most reputed Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore.

Unlike most of the other institutions, Selenium Labs focuses on Automation Software Testing related courses only. We have instructors who are very passionate about teaching others about Automation Testing. They all are having 10+ years of industry experience in MNCs like Orcale, IBM so on. They make it very easy to get grip on Core Java, which is very much necessary for any automation, for the people who are from different backgrounds or through software background but didn’t find interest in programming before.

Our main focus is quality training, our main marketing strategy is achieving students’ satisfaction, so we get more students from word of mouth.

We make sure once you are done the course you are capable of handling Automation Projects comfortably. (Well, of course, you can not learn everything in 1.5/2 months, but we make sure you have Basics strong and you are confident to learn anything new that any Automation Project requires.)

You can see our Students reviews in Google.

In our Course Selenium with Java, we will cover,

  • Core Java
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • TestNG, Maven, Ant & XSLT reporting, Git & GitHub, Jenkins, Selenium Grid
  • Design of Framework (POM) from scratch


Other Courses we provide –

Selenium with Python/C#AppiumWebServices Testing / SoapUiJMeterCodedUiKatalon Studio


All classes will be practical,

Live project in the end

Freshers can crack job interviews easily, it will Job Change or Salary Hike.


Training Methods:

We provide Classroom Session as well as online live sessions

Attend the Free Demo this Saturday.

Online Live Classes: Trainer will be teaching live and sessions will as interactive and classroom sessions

You can watch these demo sessions

We provide Backup classes. Also, once your course is finished you can still come and sit in any class in the future.

Placements: We have some tied up companies where we arrange your interviews. But let me tell you one thing if you learn properly as we teach you-you will for sure get a Good job either through us or outside.

And finally, everyone has their different requirement. So you should know more of few other Institute and take Demo classes in Several Institutes, decide the Trainer / Institute yourself.


Feel free to contact us for a Demo,

Selenium Labs – Selenium Training Institute

Phone: 097392 16095

Email: [email protected]

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