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Selenium Automation Training

Selenium is the ultimate open source platform to test an application. The versatile framework can run functional, as well as, regression tests on web applications despite the fact that they are developed in languages like JAVA, .Net, PHP, etc. The operations are used to locate user interface elements in the applications and visualize the expected results before the application is actually finished. Most of the software industry uses this open-source testing platform via recruiting the expert and trained professionals.


Online Selenium Course

We, at Selenium Labs, offer the most efficiently designed Selenium automation training at Seleniumlabs via online sessions to those who want to become an eminent professional in this web application testing sphere. The content of the training is mentioned below.

  1. Introduction

Basic of Automation Testing (pros and cons)
Criteria to follow while automating an application
Web application, testing, and automation techniques for  applications

 2.      Selenium 2.3 and Selenium WebDriver
Basic of Selenium
Selenium IDE, WebDriver, Grid
Supported browsers
Extensibility and Flexibility

3.      JAVA, JUnit, Eclipse IDE
Installation of Eclipse for the purpose of programming in JAVA for Selenium WebDriver
Use of Eclipse
Sample programs in JAVA to understand Eclipse
Running, testing and debugging programs
Basic of JUnit and its use with Selenium WebDriver
How to configure a machine for Selenium
Practice exercise on Selenium WebDriver and JUnit

4.      Selenium IDE 2.3
How to install and open IDE
Features of IDE
Building and Running test cases in Firefox
Running test cases with Playback Support from WebDriver
Running Test Cases using Base URL in separate domains
Multi-language framework
Test Suites
User extensions of IDE functionality
Exercise on IDE
 Selenium IDE 2.3

  1.       Selenium WebDriver (Enhanced)

Selenium WebDriver (Installation, use, writing scripts, backing)
WebDriver Configuration as per Eclipse
Locator strategies (using ID, Name, Link, PartialLInk, XPath, CSS Selector, Tag, Class)
X-Path and related features
WebDriver Commands
WebDriver test running in various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
Verifying results and reporting
Debugging tests
Server Installation and how it works
Mode of working of Remote Web Driver

  1. Selenium Web Driver Commands

Locating page and User Interface elements
Text boxes, Buttons, and Input Tags commands
Commands for Check Boxes, Radio buttons.
Commands for Lists, Tables, Select Tag, Drop downs
Methods of dealing with Dynamic HTML and AJAX applications
Commands for dealing with Popups, Alerts, and Multiple windows.
Evaluation Sequence, Flow Control
Page elements attributes and their verification
7.      Hybrid Automation Framework Development and its use
Implementing Sample Project using the framework
Creation of the framework with Web Driver
Data-driven framework in Selenium
Hybrid Framework use
Commands to deal with Dynamic HTML and AJAX application
Advantages of Framework

Hybrid Automation Framework Development

  1.       Selenium Grid

Overview of Selenium Grid
Setting up Grid
Collection of Web Driver nodes
Understanding and using desired capabilities class
How to run distributed and parallel tests via Selenium Grid
The comprehensive Selenium automation training regimen will offer in-depth knowledge regarding the testing platform. After becoming a certified professional, the opportunities in the software industry will pour in for a brighter future.

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