Automation Testing Training Makes For A Good Profile And Gets Easy Placement

Many students join professional IT courses. They are dazzled by the prospects of high salaries and the chance to go abroad. The reality is that the market is full of thousands of students who have passed the usual degree courses. Should they appear for a job interview there is nothing they can claim that will give them an edge over other applicants.

It is time to specialize in niche segments. One such segment is automation testing. Software testing professionals are needed by small and large professional IT development companies. Software testers usually use sophisticated and advanced automated testing tools to test software developed on any or all of the current technology platforms. A developer may specialize in any one discipline and has limited job openings restricted to his area of specialization. Software testers trained in the use of Selenium can test software developed on any platform and technology.

They stand a better chance with more openings available to them. This is just one reason to undergo automation testing training in Bangalore conducted by Seleniumlabs with its team of qualified and trained professionals. Qualified IT professionals can start with one module that may be spread over the weekends or a 30-hour course spread out during weekdays.

They may start with just one module like Selenium with Appium and then progress to gaining proficiency in Selenium for Coded UI, Jmeter, C#, Python and Java modules. A really smart IT graduate can learn all these modules in just a couple of months and take pride in the added qualifications that certainly adds to his profile in a competitive job market. Software testing using Selenium is easy from one perspective.

One just needs to gain practical, hands-on training in each module to become familiar with the platform and start work as a software tester. Then, while working, one can go on to learn about the more advanced features and gain expertise.

Selenium also requires those who learn it to explore all possibilities and keep themselves upgraded but life for software testers is not as tough and challenging as it is for coders and programmers who must constantly work under tight schedules and heavy workloads.

Recession in one segment may mean a developer or programmer may be laid off but someone with the training and expertise in automation testing of software using Selenium will always be in demand. Being a developer means one must always be on one’s toes and this leaves very little time for family matters, a situation that women IT professionals are likely to face. For them, Selenium training is a good way to add to their resume and get into jobs that are not demanding but are equally well paying.

There is another avenue that graduates with Selenium training can explore and that is of working as independent consultants. This way they are not limited to only one company and can enjoy freedom with good income. Careers in software testing can take off to a flying start with Selenium testing training at Selenium Labs in Bengaluru.

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