Top 6 Common Mistakes – You Must Avoid in Automation

Now a day’s most of the organization depend on automation/selenium testing to test software performance on a daily basis. After discussing to automation engineer or expert, we observe that due to some repeated mistakes, decreasing performance as well ROI.

  • You skip the first step: Not understanding what to automate. This is a very serious mistake, without much knowledge in automation, it’s difficult to start a task. Before you proceed with automation, you should have a clear understanding and planning.
  • Use Record and Playback for Script: Many testers depends on record and playback to create the script. This is not the actual way to generate test, the effective way is that you need to customize script manually.
  • You automate the wrong thing: If your code is poor then test won’t be much effective. The best practice that you have to create strong coding to utilize the script to find errors in software. What are the benefits you will get for strong coding? Let’s check it out reduce workload, reduce workforce, finish before the deadline, and re-modify easily. At some point all the reason are accurate.
  • Expectations that automated tests will find new defects: Once you run your test, then re-running the same test thousand time can’t find any new defects. If you already run the script, re-running same won’t be effective. Need to modify again.
  • Large Independent task: Doing all works by one person is a little problematic, and more chances to create issues while developing. So better divide the task into small parts and share within your team member. This process will help you to finish your work easily and before the timeline. Finish your selenium project successfully.
  • Picked up wrong tools: Want to solve several problems with only one tool? This is not the right way to automate. So, before searching for tools, need to define all the problems. Basic concepts should be clear for a tester.

Never repeat the above mistake while developing the task. Before starting a task, the concept of selenium automation should be clear. Selenium Labs, one of the best selenium automation training Institute in Bangalore, offer quality Selenium Training in Bangalore (classroom + online). Our trainers are having 12+ years of experience in the automation field and working in reputed MNC Company.

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