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Web Services SOA Testing : Overview

No matter what the mechanism is, it is definite that the web services allow a medium of communication between two applications. The machines are able to exchange the communication data irrespective of the definite architecture and the technological programs adapted by it.

There are programs designed that allows the mechanism to meet the unique challenges that involves the different challenging techniques. These challenges are primarily for examining the SOA or the Service Oriented Architecture of the respective company. These also allows in having an acknowledgement in a noting web service.

This definite architecture is loosely coupled software that concerns the related service of a company is primarily to support the requirements of the variant business processes. These also relate with the different software using that is concerned with the variety of company deals. This SOA background enables the availability of the resources or data in a definite network. This can be assessed without the knowledge of their definite underlying platform implementation.

Executing Web Service

Web Services can be executed in altered ways, but these two approaches can help you to get assisted in the implementation:

  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • REST (Representational State Transfer architecture)

Web Service Testing

The testing can include various technicalities. In fact, the following can be willingly related to test the web service:

  • Understand the WSDL file
  • Determine the operations that particular web service provides
  • Determine the XML request format which we need to send
  • Determine the response XML format
  • Using a tool or writing code(i.e. Groovy) to send request and validate the response

Web Services: What all do we need to test?

1. Functioning: To ensure a thorough functionality, these adequate training can prove the functionalities well:

  • Specification Review (SR)
  • Test Case Development (TCD)
  • Test Execution, examination of requests & responses

2. Performance: Though the web service performance testing can be difficult but there are easy rules to avoid this. Initially, the threshold upfront mentioning can solve the problems. The next is to know acutely about the definite performance requirement. The two basic types of performance requirement are:

  • A good requirement: Serving 50,000 synchronized operators within 10 seconds of average time can be identified as a good requirement.
  • A bad requirement: Services serving <4000 concomitant manipulators is considered to be bas performance.

3. Security: Last but not least, it is the security that is concerned at an upheaval level in web services. Opening of numerous spam data, DOS attacks, vulnerable hosts like penetration etc. are considered to devoid the respective security. Security policies need to be catered when you understand the vulnerabilities. An immensely coded security needs to be activated to ensure a safe service of SOA. Certain specific security certificates can be ensured during data transfer.

4. Testing the amenability: These are the three amenability or compliance testing requirement to have a safe service of SOA.

  • Web services meet certain specified standards
  • Authorize SOAP request/response messages
  • Authenticate WSDL definitions

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