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Selenium Automation Training in Bangalore

Classroom Training

Course Duration:30 hours

Fees : 10000

Upcoming Batch : 24th June & Demo Class 24th June

Demo Class : Saturday

Weekends Class : 24th June (Saturday & Sunday) Timing 11.30 am

Class Duration 3 hrs

If you are looking for an institute that will provide you with the best selenium automation training in Bangalore, SeleniumLabs can help you in the process. We are providing selenium with  java training in Bangalore with Live project, 10-20 years experienced trainer who has well knowledge about Selenium with Java. As primarily you are concerned about learning the testing activity, knowing the automation testing becomes imperative in this case. The present trend in the web designing or rather software designing companies is to run on browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Html Unit, iOS, Android, Safari, Opera, etc. The choosing of this browser depends on the organization.

 Increases productivity

In this sector where not a second can be valued without the agile browsers, automation testing software becomes paramount to choose. It increases the different function and performance of the entire working space. In fact, cost, product eminence and time can create that value-added presentation to the delivery.

Advantages of using the Selenium Automation Testing with Java Software

The Selenium Automation Software with Java is one stop solution that caters to all the above factors. In fact, there is expressly no need to have a hand in multiple tools. In requirement, the written test can be used for the variant framework. The complete package in SeleniumLabs provides a comprehensive set that results in a robust performance.

The performances of the other tools are in comparison more flexible and straightforward. This allows the operation to locate User Interface with many options. In fact, they compare the expected test results against the application activities.


Some unique facts


The different pay version tools may work differently. While here are some unique features that SeleniumLabs provides:

  • Open source
  • Selenium IDE
  • Webdriver 3.0
  • TestNG
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins
  • Maven Integration with Selenium
  • Headless Testing in Selenium using HTMLUnit Driver
  • Headless Testing in Selenium using PhantomJS
  • Advanced Selenium report in Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Framework Design:


  • Data Driven FrameWork
  • Page Factory Model


Selenium tools are invariantly the best appropriate tools for the automation testing. Thus, this ensures a better performance in probably all deliveries.

Selenium Course Content

What is selenium


Supported Browser Su

pported OS

Supported Languages


Selenium IDE

Installing Selenium IDE

Recording Script

Running, Pausing and debugging Script

Running a script line by line

Inserting commands in between script

XPATHS and installing firebug to get XPATHS

Wait Commands

Verification and Assertions

Using if statements and loops in IDE.

Echo, StoreEval and StoredVars

Capturing screenshots from Selenium IDE

Sample scripts


Understanding XPath & Object Identification

Installing Firebug and FirePath Addons in Firefox

Using Firebug and Firepath

Extracting Xpaths and relevence of Xpaths

XPath plugin for Firefox

XPath plugin for Chrome


Java Intro

Installing Java

Setting up Environment variables

First Java program execution from command line

Setting up of Eclipse  IDE

Features of Java

Why Java for Selenium

First Eclipse Project

First Java program


Object Oriented Programming

Jargon (JVM, JRE, PATH, CLASSPATH, etc…)

Keywords, Variables, Datatypes

Expressions and Operators

Arrays, conditionals and loops


Constructors, Overriding and Overloading

Packages and Interfaces

Strings and Memory management

Exceptions and Errors

Java collections and data structures

I/O (Streams, Writers and Readers)

Local Variables

Global Variables

Static and Non-Static Variables

Concept of class file

Platform independence

Data types in Java

String class

If statements

Conditional and concatenation operators

While Loop

For Loops

Practical Examples with loops

Usage of loops in Selenium

Single Dimensional Arrays

Two Dimensional arrays

Practical usage of arrays in Selenium

Drawbacks of arrays


Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Static and Non-Static Functions Creating

Objects in Java Meaning of static

Why is main method static?

Object and Object References Constructors

Constructor Overloading Interface

Usage of Objects in Selenium



Identifying Web-Elements using id, name, linkname, class, xpath, tagname  Handling

Input box/buttons, list/selection boxes, radio buttons, check boxes Complete study of Dynamic XPath in Selenium

Extracting links and other Web-Elements Capturing screenshots with WebDriver Window handles

Handling Frames in Web Page

WebDriverWait Class

How to work with dropdown

Setting the page load timeout- WebDriver.Timeout Interface Simulating front and back button click on Browser using selenium

How to work with file uploader or How to upload file in Selenium (using Robot  class)

How to work with file uploader or How to upload file in Selenium (using  AutoIT)

How to use Implicit wait in selenium Webdriver How to handle Alert in Selenium Webdriver Capture screenshots in Selenium using Robot class Capture tooltip  in Selenium Webdriver

How to generate log file in Selenium Webdriver using Log4j

How to handle Proxy in Selenium Webdriver

Handle Untrusted Certificate in Selenium or How to handle SSL Certificate in Selenium

Drag and Drop Function

Default Selenium session in Firefox

Handling Mouse Event

Handling Keyboard Up-Down Arrow Handling Keyboard Enter Key

Select  checkbox randomly

Working with Rows and Columns

Automation  flash application

Read Excel file in Selenium using JExcel  API

How  to read CSV  File  in Selenium   Webdriver

How to execute testcases in IE browser using Selenium Webdriver

Execute testcases in Chrome browser using Selenium Webdriver

Connection with DB

Automate videos (Youtube Eg)



Installing TestNG in Eclipse

TestNG annotations

Understanding usage of annotations

Running a Test in TestNG

Batch running of tests in TestNG

Skipping Tests

Parameterizing Tests – DataProvider


TestNG Reports

Advantages over Junit

Using TestNG in Selenium Ant

How to Execute Selenium test from command prompt

Cross Browser testing using TestNG


What is ant

What is xslt report

How to generate xslt report

Create .bat file and compile and run it and generate report in  graphical format


Advance Selenium

Selenium Integration with Jenkins

Maven   Integration   with Selenium

Headless   Testing   in Selenium  using  HTMLUnit  Driver

Headless Testing in Selenium using PhantomJS

Advanced   Selenium  report  in Selenium  Webdriver



Data Driven Frame Work

Page Factory Model

Real  time Project

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