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Mobile Application Testing Training in Bangalore
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Course Description

Mobile Application Testing Training in Bangalore

Seleniumlabs, Mobile Application testing training institute providing Mobile Application Testing Training in Bangalore. Our trainer has 19 years experience in mobile automation testing and Working in a top MNC company

Classroom Training

Course Duration:30 hours

Fees : 10000

Upcoming Batch : 28th May & Demo Class 27th

Demo Class : Saturday

Weekends Class : Saturday & Sunday Timing 11.30 am

Class Duration 3 hrs


Mobile Automation course details Functional and Regression Automation Testing using Selenium. It emphasizes on practical implementation of all Selenium concepts.


Intended audience

New users of Selenium who need to automate manual testing and verification in a short Amount of

Users who will assume technical lead roles or team lead roles in use of automated test

Existing users of Selenium who need to customize and enhance their automated tests through



Working  knowledge of:

Windows and Web sites and browsers

Good understanding of testing concepts

Knowledge of basic Java programming

Knowledge of HTML

All systems ready with the required setup


Instructional method

This instructor-led course provides classroom lecture topics and the practical  application of Selenium through demonstrations, practices, and hands-on exercises, followed by a small case study on the last  day.


Appium Course Content:

Introducing Selenium

Environment needs for Selenium

Supported Browsers and Platforms


Element Locator

Object Identification process

Installing Firebug and Firepath

Working with Firebug and FirePath

Identifying WebElements using id, name, linkname, class, xpath, tagname,CSS

Regular Expressions


Selenium  Web Driver

Introduction of Selenium Web driver

Selenium WebDriver Vs Selenium RC

Web Driver Architecture

Downloading and configuring Webdriver in eclipse

Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, HTML Unit

Firefox profile

Selenium-WebDriver API Commands  and Operations

Creating Test Scripts in WebDriver


Form Controls

Accessing Input box

Accessing Combo Boxes by using Select and List

Accessing Checkbox with example

Accessing Submit Buttons with example

Accessing Links with example

Extracting Data from WebTable

Extracting Data from WebList



Why synchronization?


Implicit Wait

Explicit Wait

Handling Ajax applications


Handling  Dynamic Objects

Finding Multiple Objects

Traversing through Web Tables

Traversing through Web List

Handling Dynamic Objects

Constructing xpaths at RunTime


Creating Test Scripts in  WebDriver

Capturing screenshots with WebDriver

Cross browser execution

Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, HTML Unit

Firefox profile



Verifying the properties of the web element

Verifying the titles, textboxes, Clickable buttons, links



Handling Events on  a webpage

Keyboard events

Mouse Events


Handling  Pop-up Windows

Handling JavaScript Alerts

Course Curriculum

Curriculum is empty